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Studies have found that the intake of vitamin C will be positively correlated with the length of sleep time, and citrus foods are rich in vitamin C. (Picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]The sultry weather makes it difficult to fall asleep. In addition to turning on the air conditioner to help you fall asleep, the long sunshine in summer reduces the secretion of melatonin and delays the secretion, which also affects the quality of sleep and sleep. Nutritionist Wang Zhengwei said that poor sleep can be improved by eating. It is recommended to take 7 kinds of nutrients and 2 kinds of flower teas to help sleep.

Wang Zhengwei shared on the Facebook fan page “Nutrition Master_A Can Nutritionist” that in addition to improving the environment and lifestyle to help sleep, it is recommended to take the following 7 sleep-aiding nutrients:

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In recent years, phytochemicals have been regarded as an indispensable puzzle for human health, and more and more papers are now confirming that some phytochemicals, such as those extracted from magnolia, jujube, Hanfangji, flax, etc. Chemokine can act like a sleeping pill, prompting the brain to secrete GABA and serotonin, making it easier for human beings to enter deep sleep and feel happier when they are sleeping!

amino acids

With the help of phytochemicals, it is very important for the body to have sufficient amounts of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), tryptophan, and tyrosine. GABA is an important neurotransmitter in the brain. It can regulate emotions and avoid excessive activation of nerves; tryptophan and tyrosine can synthesize sufficient melatonin and serotonin, which can stabilize the biological clock and fall asleep. It is recommended that you supplement brown rice, tomatoes, Cruciferous vegetables to obtain GABA; milk cheese-like foods to obtain sufficient amounts of tryptophan and tyrosine.

Vitamin B complex

B group is currently recognized as an important vitamin group for nerve repair. Among them, vitamin B6 is an important coenzyme for the conversion of serotonin into melatonin. Although B group nutrition is very easy to obtain, it is recommended to use natural foods from brown rice, whole Grain, meat, beans, seaweed, dark green vegetables, etc. can be ingested.

Vitamin C

A study in the UK has shown that the intake of vitamin C is positively correlated with the length of sleep. Vitamin C in the brain is believed to protect nerves, maintain memory and promote sleep quality. Vegetables, lemons, and citrus foods in daily life contain more Rich in vitamin C, in addition, citrus is also relatively rich in phytochemicals.

Vitamin D and Calcium

Calcium is an important conductor of nerves and muscles in the body. Without the assistance of calcium, GABA, tryptophan, and tyrosine cannot be effectively released in the brain. Vitamin D is the key to the absorption of calcium. The intake of vitamin D and calcium can also improve sleep. The sources of vitamin D and calcium supplementation include milk, beans, dried small fish, sesame seeds, and pumpkin.


Magnesium ion is an anti-anxiety element, and it is also the regulator of many ions in the body (sodium, potassium, calcium, etc.). Lack of magnesium will make people’s electrolytes unstable, and the nervous system will be in a state of excitement, resulting in emotional ups and downs and difficulty falling asleep. The intake of magnesium can help the body to stabilize muscles and mind, and the intake of dark green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. can supplement magnesium.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Balance

Omega-3s have anti-inflammatory properties that help with sleep, while Omega-6 metabolism produces inflammatory substances that affect sleep products. Studies have shown that people over the age of 40 can maintain sleep quality if they supplement with sufficient amounts of Omega-3. However, the prostaglandins PGD2 and PGE2 produced by Omega-6 in the human body are also important elements in regulating human sleep. Therefore, Omega-3 and Omega-6 are “balanced”. Compared with simply supplementing Omega-3, it is recommended to pass Natural ingredients such as fish, nuts, etc., as a more balanced and good source of oil.

A nutritionist suggests that you can drink lavender tea and passionflower tea before going to bed, and 2 types of tea can help you sleep; schematic diagram. (Picture taken from freepik)

Wang Zhengwei said that you can also drink scented tea to relax before going to bed, and suggest two types of tea:

Lavender Tea

According to research, the essential oils in it can regulate the secretion of calcium, acetylcholine and serotonin in the brain to help you fall asleep.

Passionflower Tea

In an experiment published in 2020 based on a two-week double-blind test on 110 subjects, the “overall sleep time” can be increased while the “time from bed to sleep” can be reduced.

Wang Zhengwei reminded that busy life and work pressure often lead to unbalanced diet and poor sleep. You might as well cultivate a good sleep physique by supplementing nutrients, and naturally your body and mind will be healthier.

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