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The doctor said that carrots are rich in vitamin A, which can maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa. (Image taken from freepik)

[Sianel Iechyd / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]The gut is the second brain of the human body As long as we take good care of gut health, we can maintain human health, but how to increase the good bacteria in the gut? Doctors recommend an adequate intake of dietary fiber, vitamins A, D, as well as zinc and Omega-3, which not only play an important role in the development of immune cells, but also maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.

Tai’an Hospital colorectal surgeon Huang Yuchun posted on his Facebook fan page “Sister Hemorrhoids, Dr. Huang Yuchun’s Good Life I Colorectal and Rectal Surgery Women Hemorrhoid Surgery Surgery”, pointing out that the total number of bacteria in the intestine is more than 10 times the total number of human cells, and the intestinal Tao’s microbiome is a very complex ecosystem, and the total number of genes in these microorganisms is 100 times greater than the total number of genes in the human body. If the bacteria in the gut are classified, they can be roughly divided into probiotics (good bacteria), harmful bacteria (bad bacteria), and opportunistic bacteria. When there is more good bacteria, the gut will be healthier; when there are more bad bacteria, the balance of intestinal bacteria will be relatively unbalanced, and the symptoms of intestinal discomfort will be easily manifested.

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Huang Yuchun said that in everyday life, the brain is like a computer CPU, controlling organs and tissues in different parts of the body. However, the gut in the stomach actually affects the brain through the brain-gut axis, therefore, the balance of gut bacteria will affect brain health and emotional performance. More and more scientists believe that’ The gut is the body’s 2nd brain.

Huang Yuchun emphasized that gut health can promote brain health, and adequate dietary fiber intake is the first fundamental step in maintaining gut health. In addition, the following 4 nutrients are also shared to help gut health:

●Vitamin A:It can maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and can usually be obtained from carrots, spinach, water spinach, rape, pumpkin, salmon, animal liver, etc.

●Vitamin D:It can regulate intestinal immune function. You can add more salmon, black fungus, eggs, milk, dried mushrooms, etc.

● Mineral Zinc:It plays an important role in the development of immune cells and maintains the integrity of intestinal cells. It can be ingested from oysters, meat, spinach, pumpkin seeds, etc.

●Omega-3:It is very useful for anti-inflammatory and maintains the balance of intestinal bacteria. You can eat more salmon, milk and milk products, nuts, soya beans, cauliflower, flax seeds, etc.

Huang Yuchun reminded that maintaining gut health is also one of the ways to increase your own immunity during the tense period of the epidemic. In order to reduce the eating out period, you can order salmon salad, chicken nut salad, and etc. to help maintain gastrointestinal health.

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