Avoid these foods that cause cancer and heart attacks!

Avoid these foods that cause cancer and heart attacks!

Cancer and other heart attacks are the major diseases and killers of this century. In order to minimize the risk of illness, it is necessary to review what is on our plates. As everyone knows, the belly is our second brain !

The well-known Egyptian cardiologist Jamal Shaaban listed the foods that trigger cancer and heart disease.

Sugar is to be banned

According to the cardiologist, to reduce the risk of premature retirement from life due to cancer and heart disease, it is important to significantly reduce food products containing sugar. The danger is that it not only leads to excessive weight, the fat cells are very active, having a direct relation to the development of cancer, it also applies to the increased likelihood of blockages in the coronary arteries.

“Cancer cells have a voracious appetite for sugar than non-cancer patients, they also create inflammatory conditions that can lead to a disturbance of the heart,” said Dr. Jamal Shaaban.

The list of foods to avoid

The following products were subject to strict restrictions: cookies, cakes, other desserts, because they are made from sugar and refined carbohydrates, canned fruit in syrup, dried fruit, low-fat foodsbecause they often contain sweeteners. Cardiologist Jamal Shaaban warned of the dangers of bsoft fish and processed juices.

“Always try to drink water instead of carbonated drinks or juice, avoiding adding sugar to coffee or tea. Instead of using it, you can try natural substitutes, “concluded the cardiologist.

Since 2004, cancer has become the leading cause of premature death in France, ahead of cardiovascular diseases, had previously reported the ARC Foundation for cancer research.


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