Information video .. 7 signs that you have soft bones


Bone formation problems or bone-building process cause the bones to soften themselves, which are not the same as osteoporosis, and the most common cause of osteomalacia is a lack of vitamin D that helps absorb calcium into the stomach.

According to the medical site “healthline” Osteomalacia causes the bone to be significantly broken, so the importance of vitamin D, which helps to maintain the calcium and phosphate levels that make up your bones correctly, is important..

Osteomalacia symptoms

There are some of the most common symptoms that you may have osteomalacia include:

1- There are problems in the areas where the muscles stick to the bone, which causes difficulty walking.

2- Bone pain, especially in the hips, lower back, pelvis, legs and ribs.

3- Low levels of vitamin “D” in the analysis.

4- The emergence of low levels of calcium in the blood analysis.

5- The presence of low levels of phosphorus.

6- High levels of alkaline enzymes.

7- High levels of thyroid hormone, which indicates insufficient vitamin D.



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