Karelia leads in the number of patients with cervical cancer


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09:55, January 24, 2020

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Every year in Karelia 31 new cases of the disease per one hundred thousand female population are recorded.

According to the international compilation Cancer on Five Continents, the incidence in this Russian region is quite at the level of South American countries considered champions here, RIA Novosti writes.

Most often, malignant tumors of the cervix are detected in Karelia. Annually, 31 new cases of the disease per hundred thousand female population are recorded in the republic. In addition, two more Russian cancer registries – the Arkhangelsk and Chelyabinsk regions – are among the top ten in the European region.

“In Russia, the incidence of cervical cancer is in fifth place in the structure of incidence among women, mortality is in sixth. In the whole world, these are not the highest rates, if, say, compared with the countries of South America or Africa. But in Europe we unfortunately, it’s among the leaders. And in the next decade, the incidence will only grow. According to our forecasts, by 2030 in Russia 29 cases of cervical cancer per 100 thousand people will be registered, “said the President of the Anti-Cancer Society of Russia, the head of the epidemic department of the Department of Oncology and Prevention of Tumors of the N. N. Blokhin Research Center for Oncology, Ministry of Health of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor David Zaridze.

In the next ten years, the incidence of cervical cancer will almost double in Russia. Already today, up to six and a half thousand Russians per year die from a tumor of this type, and the five-year survival rate has decreased from 72.6% in 2000 to 65.9% in 2018.

At the same time, this is almost the only type of cancer that can be protected against timely vaccination.


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