Undocumented elders, youth and low-income families, those benefited by budget in California


The proposal hopes to limit the risks of ‘youth vaping’, which has claimed 4 lives in the state

SACRAMENT.- California is known for progress in everything, even in its policies of medical care, and, with only a few weeks since it began 2020, state leaders show that this statement is true.

The bills of medical care and budget initiatives of politicians are full of ideas and dollars, and oppose powerful industries. They put California, once again, at the forefront.

These proposals would reduce the costs of prescription drugs, would increase access to health coverage and would restrict and impose vaping taxes. But most lawmakers agree that the Homelessness dominate the agenda, including proposals for people to access a roof while receiving treatment for physical and mental health problems.

Three adults from Los Angeles are reported missing in Zacatecas, Mexico

“This budget is doubled in the war against lack of access, from assuming health care costs and making the state produce our own generic drugs to expanding the use of state property to build homes quickly,” he said. Governor Gavin Newsom in a letter to the Legislature, which accompanied the proposal of budget of some $ 222,000 million of dollars which he presented on Friday, January 10. About a third of that money would be allocated to Health programs Y social services.

But even with a super democratic majority, these proposals are not a guaranteed success. “There are other factors at play, such as interest groups with a strong presence in the Capitol,” including the pharmaceutical industry and the hospitals, said Shannon McConville, principal investigator of Institute of Public Policy Institute of California.


Newsom’s plan for create a state brand from generic medications It is perhaps your health care proposal bolder in this year’s budget, as it would make California the first state to enter the drug manufacturing business. It can also be the least concrete.

Newsom wants the state to sign contracts with one or more generic manufacturers to produce drugs that would be available to Californians at lower prices. The Newsom office provided few details on how it would work or what medications would be produced, and the cost of the plan and the potential savings They were not specified either.

There are 70 deaths from influenza in California, 32 were children

Because the generic market is already competitive and generic drugs account for a small portion of total drug spending, a state offer of generic drugs would likely result in modest savings, he said. Geoffrey Joyce, director of health policy at Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Policy & Economics of the USC.

However, he added that it could make a difference for specific medications such as insulin, almost doubled its price from 2012 to 2016.

Pharmaceutical representatives said they are more concerned about a Newsom proposal to establish a single market for the price fixing of medications in the state. Under this system, drug manufacturers would have to bid to sell their medications in California, and would have to offer prices equal to or lower than those offered to any other state or country.

Californians could lose access to treatments ongoing and innovative medicines, he warned Priscilla VanderVeer, vice president of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the industry’s lobbying arm.

This proposal could “let the government decide what medications patients will get,” he said. “When the governor sets an artificially low price for medications, that means there will be less money to invest in innovation.”

Newsom’s drug pricing proposals are based on its executive order last year that mandates the state to negotiate drug prices for approximately 13 million Medi-Cal members, the program of Medicaid of the state for low-income residents.

reduce the cost of medications


California has the largest population of homeless people nationwide, estimated at more than 151,000 people in 2019, according to the Department of Housing Y Urban Development of the U.S. About 72% of homeless people in the state sleep outdoors or in cars instead of in shelters or temporary housing.

They will house homeless people… in mobile homes!

Newsom has asked for some $ 1.4 billion in the state budget 2020-21 for homeless people, most of whom would go to housing and medical care. A separate injection of $ 24.6 million I would go to the State Hospital Department for a pilot program to keep some people with mental health needs out of state hospitals and in community programs and housing.


California is the first state to offer full Medicaid benefits to eligible residents according to income up to 26 years old, regardless of immigration status.

Democrats now propose another pioneering action: California could become the first to offer Medicaid to adults 65 years of age or older who are undocumented.

They seek to ban immigrant detention centers operated by companies in Los Angeles

While Medicaid is a joint state-federal program, California must fund full coverage of paperless immigrants by itself.

Newsom pulled away $ 80 million in your budget proposal for 2020-21 to cover some 27,000 seniors in the first year. His office estimated that the current costs would be approximately $ 350 million a year.

Republicans vocally oppose such proposals.


Dozens of cities and counties in California have restricted sale of flavored tobacco products in an effort to stop the youth vaping.

But last year, state lawmakers pushed the ban across the state after facing pressure from the tobacco industry.

Now the state senator Jerry hill (Democrat of San Mateo) is back with his proposed state-level ban, which may have more momentum this year.

Since last summer, a mysterious vaping disease has made more than 2,600 people across the country, which leads to 60 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In California, at least 199 people They got sick and four died.

Hill’s bill would ban retail sales of flavored products related to electronic cigarettes Y vaping devices, including the menthol flavor. It would also prohibit the sale of all tobacco products with and without flavor, such as cigars, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, tobacco and chewing tobacco.



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