Hearing witnesses who constantly avoided responsibility – bereaved families “Please adopt us as witnesses”

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Hearings on the government’s investigation into the 10.29 tragedy were held twice this week.

Yesterday, it lasted until late at night, but Minister Lee Sang-min and other officials were consistent with a ‘I did everything I had to do’ attitude.

The third hearing will be held next week, but the ruling and the opposition have not yet agreed when it will be held and who will be called as witnesses.

The bereaved families are demanding that they be put on the witness stand.

This is reporter Son Ha-neul.

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[이상민/행정안전부 장관]

“I think I’ve done everything I can.”


“I can’t say that I coped perfectly, but I did my best.”


“As I have said many times, the Italians here have twenty-something clubs. Then, in which club do you place your career?”

Two hearings were held this week.

Those in charge said they had done everything they could.

The grieving families who were listening were angry.

[윤건영/더불어민주당 의원]

“It is a country where no one is responsible. Minister, what do you think?”

[이상민/행정안전부 장관]

“Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.”

[신지현/고 김산하 씨 어머니]

“My child died while walking. He died walking…”

In the end, the bereaved family went to the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly on the top floor of the hearing hall.

[이정민/10·29 이태원 참사 유가족협의회 부대표]

“All the managers are constant in their ignorance and say many irresponsible things like ‘I didn’t know’.”

[신지현/고 김산하 씨 어머니]

“Obviously this is not just the fault of the people at the bottom. They say the system worked, but it didn’t, and the higher ups don’t know, so what system worked?”

The government’s investigation into the October 29 disaster, which was originally until today, was barely extended by 10 days with an agreement between the opposition parties and the ruling.

However, during the 45 days of the parliamentary investigation, the ruling and the opposition parties have already wasted almost a month on budget bills.

[이종철/10·29 이태원 참사 유가족협의회 대표]

“If you find fault with this and that and the meeting is canceled again, you will forget the remaining 4 hours like last time…”

An investigation by the Special Investigation Headquarters has already reached the final stages after punishing only a few working level officers.

The bereaved family asked that they be adopted as witnesses at the third hearing next week.

[안영선/고 김동규 군 어머니]

“The question my child asks me the most is, ‘Mom, were all the bad people arrested?’ I can’t answer.”

However, the ruling and the opposition parties have not yet agreed on when and who to call as witnesses.

This is Son Ha-neul from MBC News.

Video commentary: Song Rok-pil / Video editing: Kim Hyun-guk

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