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Ashton Kutcher, who has acted in “Friends of Friends” and “Jobs”, used to be a representative of Hollywood’s “fresh meat” handsome men. In recent years, he has disappeared from the screen due to a rare disease and once lost his hearing. , sight, and even bad for walking. A few days ago, he and his twin who suffered from cerebral palsy were on the show together. When talking about the process of the two brothers supporting each other along the way, the two of them helped to cry.

▲ Ashton Kutcher wanted to sacrifice himself and give his heart to save his younger brother. (Dazhi Photo/Video/Associated Press)

Ashton Kutcher was on the show with his twin “Michael Kutcher” a few days ago. He spoke about his brother who almost left this world when he was 13 years old. At that time, Michael was infected with the flu and sent to the hospital for heart failure a week later. The doctor declared that without a heart to transplant, Michael may only have 48 hours left to live. after Ashton Kutcher learned about this, he had the idea of ​​sacrificing himself to save his brother.

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Ashton Kutcher was standing on the balcony and was about to jump off when his father noticed something strange and came over to him and asked him what he was thinking, and he admitted his thoughts: “Take my heart away.” Dad immediately To stop him from doing stupid things, fortunately within 48 hours, a woman who died in a car accident came to meet her heart, and my brother was saved. Speaking about this past, Ashton Kutcher still couldn’t contain his excitement, and said with a sob: “At that time, I really wanted to give my heart to my brother.” Michael also patted his thigh to express his comfort, The depth of brotherhood moving.

▲▼ Once Ashton Kutcher wanted to jump off a building to give his heart to save his younger brother.  (Photo / flip from Ashton Kutcher IG, Facebook)

▲ Ashton Kutcher suffered from a rare disease during the last 2 years and at one point lost his sight and hearing. (Photo / flip from Ashton Kutcher IG, Facebook)

In addition, Ashton Kutcher also revealed on the program that he suffered from the autoimmune disease “vasculitis” two years ago, and lost his vision, hearing and even the ability to walk. At the time, he was not sure could he hear and see again Yes, it took a full year of recovery before his body slowly recovered. He didn’t let himself fall into despair. He also completed a marathon in New York in November, which was quite an inspiration.

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