Heart touching ‘Narayana Geetham’; Music by Guruvayoorappan, Video

The devotional song ‘Narayana Geetham’ released on the occasion of Guruvayur Ekadashi is winning the hearts of the fans. Saneesh Chotanikara wrote the lyrics for the song. The song is composed by Ranjith and sung by playback singer Bhadra Rajin. Guruvayoor Devaswom Chairman Dr VK Vijayan officially released the song.

‘To be charted in Guruvayurappan’s thirumar

Naruvena thalukmee with vanamala flowers

I came again with the desire to see Thirumugham

Krishna, I stood near Thirumukham…’

The lyrics and singing are full of complete devotion to Guruvayurappan. The touching song has taken a place in the minds of the audience in a short time. Good responses are received. Many people share this beautiful devotional song.



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