“Heartbeat on the tip of the tongue” warm and sweet hit Ruan Jingtian and Song Zuer’s heart-warming interpretation of food that warms the stomach and warms the heart jqknews

Produced by Haohan Entertainment and adapted from the novel of the same name as caramel winter melon, the food inspirational youth urban emotional drama “Heartbeat on the Tip of the Tongue” has been logged on Zhejiang Satellite TV on January 13, and broadcast exclusively at 19:30 every day. Tencent, iQi Art and Youku are updated synchronously at 22:00 every day.

The play is produced by Liu Tao as the producer and chief producer, directed by well-known director Li Jun, and adapted and created by gold screenwriters Meng Yao, Deng Feil, and Zhou He, with gold medal producer Yu Yi as the producer, Ruan Jingtian, Song Zuer, Liu Dong Qin, Wang Zhuocheng, Wang Ruizi, Xu Jiawen, Liu Linger, Lu Siyu, Zhang Junming and many other actors co-starred. The plot revolves around Jiang Qianfan (played by Ruan Jingtian), a legendary chef in the food industry, and Lin Kesong (played by Song Zuer), a positive girl with amazing taste. In the process of growing together, the two gradually realized each other’s dreams and found the meaning of life and love.

Since the broadcast, the popularity has continued to rise. On the first day of the premiere, the interesting interaction of the leading actors and all the members to share the food has attracted the attention of the audience. The follow-up dramas such as Lin Kesong drinking water from the toilet, Jiang Qianfan receiving his disciple Lin Kesong and so on have made the audience discuss constantly, and various topics Fancy dominance.

  Urban pyrotechnics accompany dreams, food and love are wonderful chemical reactions

Because of a chance coincidence, Jiang Qianfan, the chef god, met Lin Kesong, who was a hotel intern at the time, and the story began slowly. From the battle of wits and courage that they met for the first time, to the happy friends who gradually became acquainted, Lin Kesong, under the inspiration and guidance of Jiang Qianfan, realized his talent, and gradually clarified his dreams and goals, and the two began to work together for the future star chef Art competitions work together. At the same time, Lin Kesong has a secret crush on Song Yiran (played by Liu Dongqin), who grew up together since childhood, but the other party is emotionally nervous and has never understood Lin Kesong’s intentions. Wang Ruizi). Victor (played by Wang Zhuocheng) is a highly talented chef, Lin Kesong’s biggest rival in the Future Star competition, and the younger brother of Elise (played by Xu Jiawen), Jiang Qianfan’s most trusted partner. Not only that, Lin Kesong’s cousin Lin Xiaoyu (played by Liu Linger) came from a chef’s family and has superb cooking skills.

The legendary chef Jiang Qianfan played by Ruan Jingtian in the play has a unique set of strict standards in his professional field. He is stricter than himself and others, and his life is so stable that it is even a little “monotonous”; Lin Kesong played by Song Zuer On the other hand, she is a positive girl with a genius sense of taste. She is always ghostly, full of vitality, and warms the people around her like a little sun. When the two people’s life trajectories overlap, reason and sensibility, calmness and escape, the wonderful spark that collides with the sweet setting of “introverted genius chef x lively rookie novice” can be described as a highlight of the show, food and love All quietly presented in a wonderful chemical reaction.

  The challenge ahead is where the heart is not invincible, the heart is burning, and the “destiny” is coming to you

As a drama centered on food, in addition to the touching love line, the food line escorted by a professional behind-the-scenes team makes the audience exclaim “I’m hungry”: the production process of various Chinese and Western dishes, the use of ingredients and seasonings The choice of arrangement and the close-up shots of the film texture all caused the audience to move their forefingers, and experienced an immersive experience of “what you see is what you eat”. All of this stems from the strict control of the production team, cooking with the most sincere craftsman attitude, and restoring the blooming moment of taste buds and heartbeats to the greatest extent.

“Heartbeat on the Tip of the Tongue” is positioned as a food inspirational youth drama, focusing on the daily life of young people today, the healing moments brought by food, and the ups and downs on the road of chasing dreams, in order to resonate with the audience. Food and love, dreams and persistence, these keywords appear more or less in everyone. Although in the process of realizing their dreams, the two have their own mountains that are difficult to climb, but because of their inner desire for self-realization, they still insist on moving forward, presenting a story with warmth and love as the keynote. It is precisely because of this that the play can bring you a warm and positive viewing experience in the cold winter. Love and food are companions, so that audiences with dreams are not alone.

The food love drama “Heartbeat on the Tip of the Tongue”, which tells the story of the genius chef Jiang Qianfan and the rookie rookie Lin Kesong’s journey of chasing dreams, continues to be broadcast. They are locked together on Zhejiang Satellite TV at 19:30 every night, and Tencent at 22:00 every night. Video, iQiyi, Youku follow-up broadcast, wonderful non-stop!

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