Heartbroken son. Father infected with covids. Waiting for admin at the hospital for 7 hours before going home. Sad.

Son tells in tears. Father is addicted to covid. Waited at the hospital for more than 7 hours. Claims that there are no documents – the bed is full. before returning home for treatment finally died

Reporters reported that Late evening (July 20), Po Tek Tung rescue volunteers were informed that a coronavirus patient had died in a rented room. In Soi King Kaew 34, Racha Thewa Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province Therefore, the team of operations to respond to the COVID-19 traveled for inspection. A 63-year-old man was found dead in his room. in the presence of bleeding in the mouth and was a paraplegic patient.

The officers then packed the body in a three-layer zip-top bag before immediately loading it into the coffin. and spraying disinfectant around to prevent the spread of infection with the village headman and the police of Bang Kaeo Police Station together as witnesses.

Before moving the body of the deceased to the crematorium at Wat Chaad, dragging the rice to enter the funeral kiln immediately in the midst of the sorrow of children and relatives By the way, the 63-year-old grandfather’s family can only invite monks to pray in front of the kiln.

from inquiry Mr. Worapoj, the son of the deceased told through tears that His father was originally ill with congenital diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cerebral thrombosis. In the past, he was able to help himself somewhat but was not strong. Until a few days ago, my mother was infected with COVID-19. until there is a separate detention room at home

Then father began to have symptoms, shortness of breath, high fever, and began to be unable to help himself. After 9:00 a.m. on July 19, he coordinated the rescuers to help bring his father to the hospital for examination and treatment. of a state in Samut Prakan Province at that time the children went to work

Until the end of work at 4 p.m., he hurriedly drove to the aforementioned hospital. to see father But when he arrived, he found that his father had not received any treatment or examination. Was released to wait on a patient’s wheelchair parked beside a pillar at the hospital’s parking lot.

When asked, the hospital staff claimed that the patient had no documents. and waiting for documents from relatives So he hurried to show the documents. Just a few minutes before the staff will take you to check. and the officials came to inform themselves that His father has not yet entered the lungs. go back to stay at home by giving medicine to take

Which he was also surprised why he was not admitted to the hospital. because it was evident that Father was starting to get worse Therefore, he begged to be admitted to the hospital for symptoms or treatment. But some staff said that the bed was full. But if he wants to sleep, he has to pay 1,500 baht, which at that time he agreed to pay.

But in the end, the hospital still insisted on returning home for treatment. by giving favipiravir and other medicines to take Therefore, he was forced to bring his father back to his room until this afternoon. Father’s condition began to worsen again. and coughing up a lot of blood clots before finally dying

side Miss Sukanya, daughter-in-law said that he and his family were fascinated by the reason that the hospital did not accept the father for treatment One of the nurses claimed that The father is likely to have the same infection as the previous mother. and to come back to heal together at home His father’s condition was not considered a serious illness. to the point of having to accept In addition, the hospital has only one doctor on duty. Confirm that the father will come back to treat him at home.

which he also told back that there was an infected person at home Moreover, the accommodation is a large community. Concerned about the spread of infection But the hospital still came out to confirm the return. until there was a tragedy with the family That day, if the hospital accepted his father for treatment Father’s life may be with children and grandchildren for many more days.

After this, the family has discussed that they will continue to demand justice. and asked the hospital to clarify the matter

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