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‘Hearthstone’, mini set’Weeping Cave’ applied on June 4th

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A new mini-set, “Wailing Caverns,” will soon be added to the latest expansion pack “The Barrens” of Blizzard Entertainment’s free digital card game “Hearthstone”.

The’Weeping Cave’ mini set, which adds a total of 35 new collection cards, will be applied on June 4.

The’Willing Cave’ mini-set consists of a total of 66 cards of 4 legendary grades, 1 special grade (2 each), 14 rare grades (2 each), and 16 general grades (2 each). From June 4th, you can purchase 15,000 Battle Coins (based on PC) or 2000 gold at the in-game store or web shop.

In addition, on Hearthstone’s official YouTube channel, various contents have been reinforced one after another, including the May Streamer Cup highlight video, where veteran’Hearthstone’ streamers and popular streamers who challenged Hearthstone gathered together and held an exciting confrontation. Provide information and enjoyment to them.


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