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Hearthstone ‘Stormwind’ is an expansion pack depicting the heart of the Alliance.

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Blizzard today (9th), its own card game held a press conference for the new expansion pack ‘Stormwind’. In this online event, game designers Liv Breden and Alec Dawson participated and had time to answer questions and answers about ‘exchangeability’ and content, which will be newly added to the expansion pack.

to be released next month As Stormwind is set in ‘Stormwind’, a port city that is considered the heart of the Alliance camp, it has a brighter atmosphere compared to the previous ‘Barrens’. A new keyword exchange that allows you to change unnecessary cards and a new mount that grants various abilities are also points. What will the second expansion pack ‘Stormwind’ look like in the Year of Griffin? / This is Game Reporter Lee Hyung-cheol

# “Stormwind is an expansion pack that adds the story of a mercenary to a bustling city”

Q. What can you most expect from Stormwind compared to the Barrens expansion? Will the next expansion pack, like the last two expansion packs, have a concept of exploring the cities of each faction’s representative race?

A. Briden: Stormwind is It feels a little different from the previous expansion packs. Unlike its predecessor, in which survivors navigate through a barren land, Stormwind is set in a single large city. The concept is to conduct trade in a city called Stormwind, learn professional skills, and experience the quest line. It has changed from a desolate background to a bustling city.

A. Dawson: The Stormwind expansion pack is meant to be content that comes out in the middle of the year. The Barrens was an opportunity to introduce the mercenary characters, whereas in Stormwind it will be a form of telling their story a little more. Wouldn’t it be an expansion pack that could take a closer look at why adventurers went on an adventure?

Q. Why did you add exchangeability as a new keyword in the Stormwind Expansion Pack, and what effect do you expect it to have on the game?

A. Briden: Exchangeability is a very interesting keyword. From the developer’s point of view, I see it as an opportunity to utilize multiple cards. Cards that remove weapons or heavy plates are attractive in and of themselves. However, if you want to play a control-oriented game, it is possible to make changes by using exchangeability. I think it could be a fun game.

A. Dawson: As interchangeability is added, I think more action and fun elements have been added. There are also more options. It is also a point to use exchangeability to find other cards in the deck, even if it is a losing game. It’s an interesting mechanism, so I’m looking forward to it.

Cards can be used normally, but

It can also be used as a way to find other cards (Source: Blizzard)

Q. A new quest development is applied. It is unique to see the effect by completing it step by step, what kind of effect do you expect? Are there any balance problems in terms of achievement of conditions or effects?

A. Dawson: Quest development is a card that can grant various abilities for each job, and allows users to utilize them. In the case of balance, I think there is more flexibility than the previous quest mechanism. Since the rewards and conditions are different for each staff, from the developer’s point of view, there are more controllable factors.

A. Briden: Quest development is also meaningful in terms of narrative. This is because they have put in pieces that give you a glimpse into the story of each mercenary at each stage. You will be able to take a closer look at how the story unfolds and which characters reached which point.

Q. After a long journey to Un’Goro, a mount appeared. I wonder why they added mounts to this expansion pack.

A. Briden: the mount It is considered a very important element that can be experienced at level 40. Hearthstone’s mercenaries also wanted to make sure that important content was delivered at the critical moment. Each mount has features such as granting immunity effects as well as simple buffs. It is expected that a more spicy play will be possible.

The mount is of course an ordinary buff

Also grants immunity status (Source: Blizzard)

Q. Prior to the nerf of the Deck of Mania, the wizard represented ‘created with’, but now the control priest is taking its place. There is stress from infinite value through discovery and creation. Will this expansion pack improve?

A. Dawson: I hope so. For example, in the case of dark priests, they are paying attention not to produce too many resources. Balance adjustments are scheduled for next week, and we will focus on cards related to infinite creation.

Q. The Diamond Legendary card will be added to this expansion pack. What are the criteria for selecting diamond cards? What cards are you planning to apply the Diamond card to in this expansion?

A. Briden: There are several criteria for selecting diamond cards. We are looking at which card will look the best, as well as whether the card can represent the set and show the alliance well. This time, the Dark Bishop Benedictus was revealed as a Diamond card. It is a card that the development team has a lot of affection for. Spoilers are difficult, but if you check it out for yourself after release, you will feel that it deserves a diamond card.

Q. The new priest, Legendary Dark Bishop Benedictus, has a strong effect, but it seems difficult to use without a card that can assist like a heroic wizard (Reckless Apprentice, Flame Eye Mordresh). Are these cards added?

A. Dawson: In this expansion pack, we are going to draw a slightly darker side of the Dark Bishop, or Priest. We’ll also use dark spells. Therefore, we are considering several ideas for the Benedictus card as well. As you said, a card to support this will be included.

Benedictus was selected as the Diamond card for this expansion (Source: Blizzard)

Q. You can get Bartender Benari as a reward for pre-order. Will more decorative elements like this be applied to the battlefield in the future?

A. Briden: Appearance items are the part that we are also having fun working on. This time, you will be able to meet various cosmetic items inside the battlefield. For things like the Beach Party Bundle The relaxed atmosphere of the first half was composed so that you can feel it even on the battlefield. We’ll have to wait a little bit, but maybe users will give us a good response. In the future, various items that can express individuality will be added.

Q. As with duels, the battlefield has been in ‘beta’ for a long time. What more do we need to make these game modes official? Is there any direction toward the official mode that developers want?

A. Dawson: When all the functions are completed, it will be an official mode. From a long-term perspective, I think battlefield mode is still in its infancy. Various attempts are being made for minions and heroes, but this is only part of the overall plan. The decoration items added this time are also seen as part of the beginning. When everything is done, it will be the official mode.

Various rewards such as card back and benari are given when pre-purchasing (Source: Blizzard)

The battlefield is still only in the ‘beginning stage’ (Source: Blizzard)

Q. This time, the Darkmoon Prize was applied again with a 25% chance. Could other kinds of universal field effects be added in the future, such as ‘when you win a battle, the damage you deal to your opponent deals additional damage equal to the attacker’s level’, or ‘every time you spend 5 gold, you get a banana’?

A. Dawson: Several new systems are being explored for use in battlefield mode. Darkmoon prizes are also viewed positively. The point of this content is that it allows users who participate in the game to feel a specific experience together. Various elements will be added to the battlefield in the future, so I think the part that creates a shared experience like the Darkmoon Prize will be more prominent.

Q. Even in the early days of the Barrens, it was not at the top, but with the addition of the Wailing Cave mini-set, the Warlock seems to be stuck at the bottom. Could this expansion pack be a turning point?

A. Dawson:Wouldn’t all professions have a chance for reversal? Warlock will be able to play a little more interesting as the quest development is added. Depending on the meta, you can make powerful combos, and you can continue to play by simply playing cards.

Q. Lastly, would you like to say a word to your Korean fans?

A. Dawson: We prepared a lot of interesting content. I have high expectations for this expansion pack internally, and I want to say that it was designed with love. I hope you all enjoy it as well.

A. Briden: I am very happy to be able to talk to you about Stormwind. I think anyone who has played Alliance in , will be interested in this expansion pack. We’re looking forward to some feedback on Stormwind. Thank.

(Source: Blizzard)


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