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Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion, Stormwind, Releases August 4th

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This coming August, the latest expansion, United in Stormwind, will be released to Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment’s #1 free digital card game, enjoyed by more than 130 million people worldwide. You will see true strength and glory.

Inside Stormwind’s proud walls, players will discover the beating heart of the Alliance and discover 135 new cards inspired by the rites of passage through which heroes seek fame in this splendid city.

The new expansion pack, Stormwind, introduces Questline cards for each class. Each quest development card provides a glimpse into the past of the new mercenary characters from Year of the Gryphon. The quest development card comes into your hand at the start of the match, and you get a powerful in-game effect each time you complete the presented challenges one by one. After completing the third stage of each quest development, a powerful legendary minion, the Mercenary, joins the player’s side.

Players who wish to engage in trade in bustling Stormwind can add cards with the Tradeable keyword to their decks. Exchangeable cards have a powerful effect depending on the situation, and by paying 1 mana, they can be exchanged for other cards in the deck, making them highly usable.

Additionally, World of Warcraft expertise will be presented to Hearthstone in the form of Professional Tools. Profession tools can be equipped on weapon seats to unlock unique abilities, such as the Paladin’s Prismatic Jewel Kit, which is a minion in the player’s hand whenever a friendly minion loses Divine Shield. to strengthen Finally, mount cards also appear in Hearthstone, appearing in the form of minion reinforcements, which are used as a way to summon a trusty mount when that minion dies.

The Stormwind Large Bundle can be pre-purchased for 80,000 Battle Coins (based on PC) starting today, and consists of:

The Stormwind Bundle can be pre-ordered for 50,000 Battlecoins (PC) and contains 60 Stormwind card packs, 2 random Legendary cards, and Lady Katrana Prestol card back.

Battlegrounds, a popular game mode in Hearthstone, is also getting a big update that meets the expectations of players. First of all, the biggest minion collection reorganization awaits since the launch of the battlefield, and various other changes will be applied, such as the introduction of new cosmetic appearance elements to the shop so that players can enjoy the game experience that suits their taste on the battlefield. Battlegrounds Bundle: The Beach Party includes 7 new portraits of heroes, including Grill King Bolvar and resting Chillin Voljin, having fun in the sun.

This bundle also features bartender Tikilord Ragnaros, who serves drinks with new lines and hot moves. Battlefield Heroes: Shadowlands Bundle includes afterlife-themed World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion packs including Finley of the Kyrian and Ysera of the Night Fae Includes eight heroes redrawn as members of the Covenants from

More information about Hearthstone and Stormwind can be found on the official website and on the official YouTube channel.


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