Heavy rain hits Japan as Typhoon Mawar approaches People advise over a million people to immigrate

Kyodo via REUTERS

Japan hits with heavy rain after ‘Mawar’ approaches, prompting more than a million people to evacuate

Reuters and the AP reported that Many parts of Japan experienced heavy rain on June 2 following Tropical Storm Mawar. that was weakened from an upper level typhoon moving closer Japanese authorities have issued an advisory for nearly 1.3 million people to evacuate, according to the Japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency. At this time, there were no reports of injuries.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued flood and landslide warnings for the western part of Shikoku and Honshu. Up to 350 millimeters of rain is forecast in western Honshu over the next 24 hours through Saturday morning, Japanese broadcaster NHK reported. Many parts of Shikoku experienced 162.5 mm of rain in just three hours.

Television footage showed a river flooding a residential area in Wakayama City. While the people of Tokyo face rain and strong winds. And some schools in the capital have announced that day classes will be cancelled. Japan’s transport ministry said more than 300 flights had been canceled as of midday today (June 2), as had 52 ferries, and some train operations had been suspended.

Tropical Storm Mawar which hit Guam in late May is expected to move through southern Honshu as it approaches the Pacific Ocean. Weather forecasters warned of the danger that the storm’s moist air could combine with seasonal rain. which will cause heavy rain in the area

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