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Manama > Heavy rain on the west coast of Saudi Arabia including Jeddah. Life in Jeddah came to a standstill after hours of rain. Roads and vehicles were flooded. Flights were suspended and educational institutions were temporarily closed. Two people died in the present. Saudi news agency SPA also said the Jeddah-Makkah expressway was closed.

The rain started on Thursday morning and continued into the evening. Heavy rain continues in Jeddah, Bahra and coastal areas of Makkah province. There is wind, snow and thunder. Rough seas in some places. The Haramain Highway and several tunnels were closed earlier. Palestinian tunnel filled with water. Many vehicles were swept away by the floods. Civil Defense advised residents and non-residents to be cautious. It was also advised not to leave the house unless it was for urgent needs.

People in low-lying areas have also been advised to move to safer places due to the floods. Civil Defense rescued those who were stuck in the flood and those who were caught in the current.

Several flights at King Abdulaziz International Airport were diverted to nearby hubs. Schools in the city and in Rabigh and Khulais were temporarily suspended as rain was expected to continue throughout the day. Photos and videos posted on social media on Thursday showed heavy flooding in various parts and cars being washed away in rain-soaked streets.

The Red Sea port city of Jeddah is home to around 4 million people. Winter rains and floods occur almost every year in Jeddah. In 2009, 123 people died in floods in the city. After two years, 10 had died.

According to the Saudi National Center of Meteorology, 179 mm of rain fell between 8 am and 2 pm on Thursday in the southern area of ​​Jeddah. It is also reported that this is more than the rain that caused the floods in 2009 which killed over 100 people.

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