Heavy rain in Jeddah; Two deaths

Jeddah: Two people died in heavy rain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Civil Defense said. Many vehicles were swept away by the overflowing water. There are also reports that many people, including Malayalis, are trapped in different places. Due to the possibility of heavy rain, educational institutions were closed earlier.

The rain started at seven in the morning and continued until two in the afternoon. Many people, including Malayalis, were trapped in different parts of Jeddah. Many vehicles were on strike as the roads were full of water. As the rain intensified, the Makkah-Madinah Expressway was partially closed in both directions until the evening. Also, several subways and many other roads in the city have been closed. Roads were damaged in many parts of the city.

Many vehicles were washed away by rainwater. Many vehicles lost control due to the rush of water and collided with each other. Water rushed into many businesses and homes, including those of Malayalis. Between seven in the morning and two in the afternoon, 179 mm of rain was recorded in the Makkah region. Officials said this was more than the heavy rains that led to the 2009 floods.

The heavy rain that started in the morning caused heavy damage in Jeddah. Roads and buildings were destroyed in different parts of the city. Expensive products were washed away from many businesses. Many businesses, including those of Malayalis, were also flooded. In addition to the damage, it is reported that the number of deaths will increase. Abdullah al-Ghamdi, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said that the arrangements and facilities in hospitals and health centers in Jeddah have been increased to treat those who may be at risk. Authorities asked those who could not reach the hospitals as many roads were closed in Jeddah to notify them through the Swahati app or by calling 937. A special control room was opened and started working under the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. Around 100 emergency centres, response teams, special ambulance teams and many other arrangements have been made as part of the rescue operation. More than 2,500 workers and around 1,000 pieces of equipment have been used to clear all the city’s water and restore traffic.

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