Heavy rain in northeast Brazil for second month, two dams collapse

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Heavy rains continued for two months in northeastern Brazil, causing partial collapse of two dams, Reuters and others reported.

The ‘Igua Dam’ in Daconquista City, Vitoria, southern Bahia, Brazil and the ‘Jushiapi Dam’ in Jusiapi City could not withstand the high water level due to heavy rain on the 26th local time and part of the upper part collapsed.

It is not yet confirmed whether there were any casualties from the dam collapse, but it is said that some bridges and roads have been damaged.

Sheila Remos, mayor of Dakonquista city in Vittoria, said all residents near the collapsed dam were fortunately evacuated.

However, down the river, the streets of Itabuna, a city of 200,000 people, were all flooded, and local rescue teams are boating around the submerged houses to rescue them.

Bahia Governor Hui Kastru said that 400,000 people were affected by the torrential rains and thousands were displaced in 67 cities.

According to the state government, heavy rains have continued since early November, killing 18 people and leaving two missing.

An official from the Bahia Meteorological Agency said that the precipitation in December this year was six times the normal.




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