Heavy rain, water waiting to drain, messy “Thai League 1” Police Tero FC vs Buriram United

Thai Alliance Company Limited Issued an announcement to change the football pitch. and partially postponing both football matches “Thai League 1” or “Thai Revo League” a “Thai League 2” or “M150 Championship” Because the field conditions are not favorable to organize the competition. from heavy rain Even the flood and affect the conditions of the field for the football game The pair that needs to move the field is the game. Bunyachinda Stadium, Bangkok which is a domestic fieldTero FC Police team in “Thai League 1” Insichan Sathit Stadium fromTeam Kasetsart FC team in Thai League 2 It delays the competition programme.

by the competition managers “Thai Alliance Company Limited” have checked Around the field, within the field, including the readiness in different parts of the competition field, it was found that both fields could not be used to organize competitions. Therefore, the competition program must be adjusted as follows: “Thai League 1” Revo Thai League 2022/23 The pairing between Police Tero FC and Buriram United changed to Miter Phol Stadium, Ratchaburi Province. (temporary) with the competition program on Saturday evening, September 17 at 6:30 PM.

Regarding the 2022/23 M150 Championship match between Kasetsart FC and Grand Andaman Ranong United from Sunday 18, postponed to the competition on Thursday, September 22 at 17:30, the management of the competition is still watching. Be vigilant and monitor the availability of other stadiums during the next monsoon.

Heavy rain during this period resulted in professional football competitions In some areas, competitions cannot be held. Due to the watertight condition of the ground Including other structures that are not ready to support use causing the competition in some pairs to be affected


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