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“Hee-eun Yang, head of a girl → until he became the ‘folk music legend’ (‘Happiness 3’) [종합]

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[OSEN=김수형 기자] In ‘The Joy of Conversation 3’, Yang Hee-eun foretells an anecdote that she was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer for three months from her childhood when she was the head of a girl.

Singer Yang Hee-eun appeared on KBS 2TV’s entertainment program ‘The Joy of Conversation Season 3’, which was broadcast on the 24th.

On this day, Yang Hee-eun recalled her recovery days and visited ‘Green Frog’ in Myeong-dong. Yang Hee-eun said, “It was a home for young people with nowhere to go. One day, a friend said that he had a friend who sings best at school. He wrote my name on a note and sang on the podium. He said, “It really exploded because the response was good.” He said he was surprised by the unexpected explosive response.

Then he said, “The seniors who played the guitar were Kim Min-ki and Seo Yoo-seok,” and Yoo Hee-yeol was surprised, saying, “This is the beginning of Korean music ties.” Yang Hee-eun, who visited Kim Min-gi’s small concert, said, “I sang ‘Morning Dew’ for the first time and wanted to learn that song. After the performance, the cleaning lady included a torn sheet music, so I got it and practiced it alone at home.”

Yang Hee-eun, who lived a life struggling with poverty at the time, shared the story behind her debut, saying, “I never dreamed of becoming a singer, so I started walking the path of a singer to escape the hardships of life.”

Yang Hee-eun said, “I wanted to sing ‘Morning Dew’ on my first album, and Kim Min-ki gave me permission.” said He said that he made all 10 songs in the first album in one day, and an alum was born.

In 1971, we asked the reaction of Yang Hee-eun’s first album, the first album. Yang Hee-eun said, “One day, on the radio, the song ‘Morning Dew’ came out on the bus, and I was so surprised that it didn’t sound like my voice, an unforgettable feeling, no one knew me, but my heart was pounding.”

After that, Kim Min-ki and Yang Hee-eun, who worked on numerous songs, said that in 1972, in particular, masterpieces were poured. When asked what kind of existence Kim Min-gi was to Yang Hee-eun, he said, “My idol in my childhood, everything shone like a star.” Unlike the romantic lyrics, it was a song that had to be sung for a living, but the senior did not compromise the music and reality, and kept the cleanliness. There, I was something, I wanted to rot, envy and embarrassment? Later, I realized that my standing position was different.”

When Yang Hee-eun was said to be the symbol of jeans, he said, “I didn’t have the means to afford stockings, and I was from a completely ruined family because it was difficult to wear stockings that often came out in difficult circumstances. I wore it,” he recalled. Yang Hee-eun said, “There were seniors who dared to come up on stage wearing sneakers and jeans, and there were seniors who were furious because they were not polite.” He said, “There is an emotion that the stage was such a sacred place.”

Yang Hee-eun said, “Anyway, the first female singer to wear jeans, jeans were the clothes that fit my fountain.” He added, “I didn’t even need to dress up because the clothes were covered by the acoustic guitar anyway.”

Yang Hee-eun continued to confess that she was the head of a girl, saying that her father passed away after two years due to liver deterioration. Yang Hee-eun said, “My father died when I was 13 years old, the remaining time with my stepmother was more difficult, and the conflict was severe.”

Yang Hee-eun, who wandered even more after her father died when she was a high school girl, said, “I went to my father’s oxygen and someone reported it as a spy, and I was taken to the police station for background check.” He was released and returned home safely.” It was an absurd case that was mistaken for a spy.

Yang Hee-eun said, “I went to Song Chang-sik on the day the bad news poured in, and I went to the late Lee Jong-hwan’s live cafe and asked him to sing a song, and I passed the audition.” It was a time when I sang harshly while taking the music off,” he recalled.

Regarding the stage that Song Chang-sik gave him 10 minutes, Yang Hee-eun said to Song Chang-sik, who recognized herself, saying, “The only person who recommended someone is that you are the first and last, and later they say that you are the one who should have sang regardless of whether the house is ruined or not.” expressed gratitude. Yoo Hee-yeol was surprised, saying, “Song Chang-sik also found Yang Hee-eun, a person who was homeless at school at a time when there was no connection or celibacy at the time, and who was in a similar situation.”

Yang Hee-eun said, “The amount of debt was the price of two houses, I had no hope. said Regarding the reason, Yang Hee-eun said, “I believe that if my father’s soul is there, he will protect me, and that power was great.” He said, “I was afraid, but that’s why other people thought I was fearless.”

On the other hand, while referring to Myeong-dong’s ‘Obis Cabin’ and continuing to recall the past, Yang Hee-eul said that ‘Morning Dew’ and ‘Evergreen’ are still unresolved tasks to overcome.

Yang Hee-eun, who heard the doctor say that she has only three months to live with terminal ovarian cancer, said, “The doctor says I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to die because I don’t want to die, I don’t want to live because I want to live.” It also raised curiosity.

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