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The 29th at Chukyo Racecourse on the 21stHeian stakes(GIII, Dirt 1900m) will be held. This year too, it will be held at Chukyo Racecourse for the renovation of Kyoto Racecourse.

Last year’s best dirt horseT O KeynesAim for consecutive victoriesAuvergneWon the previous run, March StakesMeisho Hario2020 Japan Dirt Derby ChampionDanon PharaohWill run.

Here is a hint of forecast from the data trends of the past 10 years.Frame order / jockey dataWill be analyzed.

◆[Heian Stakes 2022]Training video & reference race

◆[Heian Stakes 2022 / Previous run Rote]What horse should you aim for from the moving past 9 years data graph?

[Heian Stakes 2022]What is the horse you should aim for from the previous 9 years of previous run Rote?

■ Trend in frame order / results by jockey

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In the 4 slots that have won the most 6 wins in the 1800m-1900m grade races of the Chukyo Dirt in the past 10 yearsDerma LouvreWhenSuave AramisEntered.Also, in the two slots with the highest double win rateKeiai PurpleWhenT O KeynesEntered.

Looking at the jockey data of the results limited to the high prize race,Thunder BlitzRiding onYuga KawadaThe jockey is[2-1-1-4]and boasts a double win rate of 50.0%. Moreover, there are 3 saddles in the 6 slots entered this time in 2021, and it cannot be overlooked that the double win rate will rise to 66.7% with[1-0-1-1].

In addition, 41 wins, which is the largest number of wins, is listed.AuvergneRiding onYuichi FukunagaIt’s a jockey. Not only did the jockey win the race last year with the same horse, but he also hopes to be proud of his double win rate of 66.7% with[1-0-1-1]in the dirt 1900m grade race. ..

◆[Heian Stakes 2022 / Popularity Trend]What horses should you aim for from the data graph of the past 10 years?

[Heian Stakes 2022]What horses should you aim for from the popularity trends of the past 10 years?

◆[Video Playback / Heian Stakes 2021]The 2nd most popular Auvergne wins the course record with 6 horses

Oaks (Yushun Himba) 2022 Expected Column List

▼ Anoma forecast
◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.1]Explosive hole with a range of “Manba ticket” in the betting ticket “Expect good conditions to run hard on your side”

◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.2]Blind spots around the assumed “30 times” From the actual results, “the qualification to be a messenger of turbulence is sufficient”

◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.3]Assumed “10 popular” ambush soldiers from the previous run, the conditions improved and “the possibility of a big run”

◆[Dangerous popular horses]Achievements in one of the most popular horses are evaluated as “erased” “You cannot use dexterous legs”

▼ Overtake diagnosis
◆[Diagnosis of overtaking]Highest rating “S” that surpasses Circle of Life “Perfect maneuverability and mentality”

◆[Diagnosis of overtaking]Highly rated by the 2-year-old Queen Circle of Life

◆[Diagnosis of overtaking]”B” evaluation of dissatisfaction with leading horses of another line group “I do not feel the increase from the previous run”

◆[Diagnosis of overtaking]Highly rated “A” for the assumed “lower popularity” explosion hole “Overcoming distance with full capacity”

▼ Data forecast
◆[Data capture-Part 1]What are the “80%” and “zero” data for the Oka Sho 1st and 2nd horses?

◆[Data capture-Part 2]“100% betting ticket rate” is boosted by the special condition of “popularity” in the defeat of the Oka Sho

▼ Other data trends for the past 10 years
◆[Frame order]Oka Sho horse, Stars on Earth is a leading horse in the “demon gate” with a win rate of 0%, 8 frames outside.

◆[Pedigree tendency]“Favorite” and “Oana” shining on the big stage in Fuchu “Aptitude to pass on from father to child”

◆[Leg quality tendency]Pay attention to the “position” of the Oka Sho horse “The winning candidate is a horse that is 7th or lower in 4 corners”

◆[Previous Rote]Warning to Circle of Life and Namur “Oka Sho 4th place or less …”

◆[Popularity trend]The most popular win rate is 50%, but the win rate is “double digit”.

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