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Held a sacrifice ceremony for the 2 lintels of the Prasat After returning to Thailand, WTH – Department of Art, see 3 months in the museum.

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1 June 2021 05:21

Ministry of Culture held a sacrificial ceremony to receive the lintel of the castle. “Nong Hong-Khao Larn” returned to Thailand The Fine Arts Department is preparing to exhibit at the Bangkok Museum for 3 months before considering keeping it at the museum near the castle. Open to listen to opinions of relevant persons in order to benefit the best care of antiques.

According to Thailand, two items were recovered, namely, Prasat Nong Hong lintel, Buriram Province and Prasat Khao Lo lintel, Sa Kaeo Province, which were smuggled outside of Thailand to exhibit the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. Go USA And when it is examined until it reaches the judicial process of the United States And have considered the end of the case It appears that both items belonging to Thailand. Later, the Office of Homeland Security Investigation handed over to the Consul-General in Los Angeles. As a representative of the Thai government And delivery of both antiquities back to Thailand with Korean Airlines on May 28

Later, on May 31, the reporter reported that at 1:00 pm there was a lintel of Prasat Nong Hong and Prasat Khao Larn lintel. Moving from Suvarnabhumi Airport Go to the Bangkok National Museum To enter the welcome ceremony after Prasat Nong Hong And crushed after the castle he was bald Back to Thailand from that time 17.15 hours Mr. Itthiphol Khunpluem, Minister of Culture, along with Mr. Prateep Pengtako, Director-General of the Fine Arts Department Co-opened 2 lintel boxes with a curator And scientists for conservation Examination of the lintel And record the information in the preliminary Before the ceremony of worshiping 2 lintels with the Great Teacher Sri Wisutthikun President of the Provost of Brahmin Is the chairman of the sacrifice And there is an archaeological show in Lopburi series

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Mr. Itthipol said Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, attaches great importance to the monitoring of the retrieval of Thai artifacts found in various countries back to Thailand. There is an appointment of a committee to trace Thai antiques abroad to return to the country. And has operated on an integrated national level since 2017, while assigning the Ministry of Culture (WOH) to publicize the success that Thailand has received back on both lists, including the WHO to make video Performance following lintels and other artifacts during 2014-2020 in order to publicize the performance and raise awareness for Thai people to see the importance of the conservation of Thai cultural heritage. By reclaiming ancient objects Prasat Nong Hong, Buriram Province and the lintel of Prasat Khao Lo, Sa Kaeo Province, returned to Thai land, a great cooperation between the Thai government and the United States of America. Thanks to the United States Department of Homeland Security Investigation, scholars, archaeologists, organizations from both countries for their continued co-operation. Until leading to success today

Minister of Culture said that After the sacrifice of these 2 antiques already The Fine Arts Department will display it for the public to see in the Isara Winitchai Throne Hall. Bangkok National Museum With content about the history The historical connection of these two antiquities is scheduled for a 3-month period in which the storage must take into account the temperature. And suitable area conditions And in the meantime, there are guidelines for considering the implementation. Preservation of the following two items are preserved at the National Museum. That is close to the castle itself Where Prasat Nong Hong, Buriram Province, near the Phimai National Museum And Surin National Museum Prasat Khao Lo, Sa Kaeo Province, is close to the Prachin Buri National Museum, and during which two antiques exhibit will receive opinions from various sectors concerned. In order to benefit from care However, I would like to thank the Thai people to help them jointly conserve and preserve the artifacts of the national heritage in order to be proud of their Thai identity as well.

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