Home Business ‘Hell’-related stocks focus on Netflix’s No. 1 spot… IOK soars, NEW, Dexter plummets

‘Hell’-related stocks focus on Netflix’s No. 1 spot… IOK soars, NEW, Dexter plummets

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As Netflix’s original content ‘Hell’, produced in Korea, was successful in the box office, taking first place in the world just one day after its release, the market is paying attention to related items. The share price of related stocks has a cross between rising and falling.

The stock price of J Content Tree rose by 20% from the previous trading day immediately after opening on the 22nd, and as of 10:30 am, it is trading at 73,700 won, up 5.44%. J Contenttree is the parent company of Climax Studio, which produced ‘Hell’. IOK, which acquired YNK Entertainment, the agency of actor Kim Hyun-joo, who appeared in ‘Hell’, is also trading at 2,230 won, up 14.95% from the previous trading day.

However, the stock prices of some companies that had been noted as beneficiaries of ‘hell’ rose and plunged briefly in the early part of the market. The stock price of Dexter, a visual special effects (VRX) company that participated in color correction and correction of ‘Hell’, rose more than 6% right after opening, and then fell 11.51%, trading at 38,450 won. The stock price of NEW, which has Enjin Visual Wave, which is in charge of hell CG, as an affiliate, also rose by about 2% and is currently trading at 15,650 won, down 14.01%.

‘Hell’ is directed by Yeon Sang-ho, who made the movie ‘Train to Busan’, and starring Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyeon-joo, and Park Jung-min. It was released simultaneously in 190 countries on the 19th.

According to Flix Patrol, an online video service (OTT) content ranking site, on the 21st (local time), ‘Hell’ topped the streaming charts for TV shows worldwide within a day after it was released. Flix Patrol reflects the ratings of the previous day’s ratings by reflecting the 24-hour ratings for each platform and sector.

‘Hell’ topped the charts in 24 countries including Korea, Belgium, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. It ranked second in France, India, and Brazil, and third in the United States, Canada and Turkey.

‘Squid Game’, which had maintained the top spot for a while, gave up its place in ‘Hell’ and came down to second place. Squid Game, which had previously ranked first in the world on Netflix, rose to number one in the world for the first time in six days after its release on September 17.

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