“Hello China!” BIMBA Y LOLA, from Spain to Shanghai

On September 21, BIMBA Y LOLA launched a brilliant flash at Fiu Gallery on Yuyuan Road, Shanghai, and famous artists, bloggers, supermodels and other fashion people were invited to come to the scene. These 5 cute and naughty little beasts have finally officially appeared in front of the Chinese audience, the new limited Bimbaders created especially for the Chinese market by BIMBA Y LOLA. Princess Longgege, the the candy-loving and energetic little tiger Pippi, whose cute appearance and rebellious heart coexist with Bunny Bubbles, and the impatient little rooster Gugu.

In the POP UP limited time experience space, BIMBA Y LOLA continues the unexpected and imaginative style of the past. The representative fluorescent powder of the brand is used as the main visual, together with the popular elements of the strong Disco atmosphere, and 5 creative spaces are presented with different themes, HOLA SUPERMARKET, HOLA SNAP, HOLA DISCO, HOLA CHURRERIA, and HOLA INFINITY, arbitrarily Each has a unique design space and the unexpected ingenuity reflects BIMBA Y LOLA’s focus and his desire for creative play.

At the spot, brand friends singer-songwriter / veegee singer Xu Ruoqiao, new singer Cassien, and fashionable supermodel Lu Xianren were invited to lead everyone to experience the Spanish Star Tour of BIMBA Y LOLA for the first time.

( Xu Ruoqiao / Cassian / Lu Xianren )

It is worth noting that the new season of CHIMO bags is specially displayed in the limited time concept space “Hola China!”. As the main series of bags from BIMBA Y LOLA, the CHIMO bag has its round logo as the iconic CHIMO LOGO, covering a variety of bag types, rich in color and bold in contrasting colors. This season’s 22 autumn and winter series extracts the brand’s classic design elements, such as warm printing, striped contrasting colors, etc., and uses environmentally friendly fur and knitted fabrics, etc. The fluffy CHIMO bag is even more addictive.

BIMBA AND LOLA “Hoil China!” Limited Time Concept Space

Time: September 21st – September 24th 11:00 – 21:00

Address: Fiu Gallery, No. 1175, Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Official website address:

BIMBA Y LOLA Sina Weibo: https://weibo.com/u/7741921758

BIMBA Y LOLA Tmall flagship store: https://bimbaylola.tmall.com


It was founded in 2005BIMBA Y LOLA is a Spanish fashion brand that integrates multiculturalism and creativityis much loved by the global market for its uninhibited vibe and creative artistic style.his unique personalityclaimmake the worldFollowers are autonomousChoose BIMBA Y LOLA,and through thatStand out in your everyday job, waitbelongown imprint.

BIMBA Y LOLA is an ideaa collection of,Brands imagine ways to express creativity based on thinking about the present. We are ready to talk and listen. We believe that the combination of creativity and the real world will bring out more possibilities, and there are huge unexplored areas waiting for us to create and explore. People’s imagination is not limited, which will also create endless possibilities.

BIMBA AND lOLAAt the same time, it is also a common attitude. We explain the simple things simply, but never bow our heads; we play seriously and always keep a fresh attitude!

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