Hello my husband and his girlfriend; Nikhila’s cool comment on Asif’s post


Hello my husband and his girlfriend; Nikhila’s cool comment on Asif’s post

Koth is the new film in which Asif Ali, Nikhila Vimal and Roshan Mathew have come together. Directed by Sibi Malail, the film is a political thriller set in the backdrop of political assassinations in Kannur.

Another important plot of the film is the friendship between Shanu played by Asif Ali and Sumesh played by Roshan Mathew. After the release of the film, there have been comments that the chemistry between the two actors was great.

Asif posted a picture with Roshan on Instagram, revealing this friendship in the film. Asif shared the photo of Roshan on his shoulders with the caption ‘Shanu and Sumesh in another dimension’.

Nikhila Vimal, her co-star in the film, gave a funny comment on this picture. Nikhila plays Shanu’s wife in the film.

Nikhila gave this comment as ‘My husband and his lover are in another world’. Soon after, Roshan also came with the comment ‘You give this picture all ready, just miss’.

Earlier, Asif had told a press conference about an interesting question he had to hear before the release of the film regarding Roshan’s character.
The actor also spoke about the connection he felt with Roshan’s character.

‘Yesterday was the release day, and many people had been excited about it for a long time. I was asked a more mischievous question, were you in love with Roshan? means The thing is, the chemistry with Roshan was better than the chemistry with Nikhila.

There is a scene in the climax of the film where Roshan and I come together on a bicycle. The script of that scene was read, it was shot, it was dubbed, and yet when I watched the film, the scene where Roshan’s hand hugs me from behind filled my eyes while sitting in the theatre. He was so connected to me.

The relationship between Sumesh and Shaan, the characters in the film, is very genuine. If we have ever loved someone in our life, after watching this film we will reach that emotion,’ says Asif Ali.

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