Help “Bird” to curse back, besieged more than leeches, the famous island of “Watermelon”

famous actors”Watermelon Nida” or “Watermelon Pattida” has been gone for more than 6 months, but “Bird Technique” The lover of the late actress “Watermelon” keeps losing his love all the time. And often posts pictures of watermelons on personal Instagram to keep them as memories, but recently (September 9, 65), there was one netizen.Post a photo of the bird and watermelon ready to print.a curse messageBird said, in a very strong way, “It’s more than a leech, it’s a tick. With breath until 7 months away, day after day, I keep on the famous watermelon island. Afraid of not reaching the light? it will never help to bring justice to the watermelon Others help to find the truth and justice to the watermelon. You only love your mouth, don’t be ashamed, don’t you feel anything?”

He did this workA bird‘ can’t stand the picture of itnetizensSuch people who came to insult Let’s post a personal IG story. with questions about the fans who follow IG “I don’t know what to look for an insult… Someone sent him to look.” causing the fans who saw the posts the netizens scolded Bird and did not want to suffer him either. Came in to send a reply to Bird, tacking back to this good mouth nets a lot until Bird had to come out and post a thank you to the fan club for helping to send the reply.

Bird previously came out live via stonerbkk’s Instagram, speaking to fans for the first time. Answer every question that many people ask.

There was one story that Byrd told. Watermelon has always asked me to do it. But the only thing Bird couldn’t do was “the whole time we were together with watermelons. I’ve always asked if I could shave. It’s the only thing that really can’t be done.”

He also invited Bird fans to try out the cast of 4 Kings, which is about to do part 2 because Bird’s character seemed to fit the story. but it didn’t go This time, I saw that there was open casting for part 2, so I’ll give it a try.

And on the day that Watermelon passed 6 months ago on August 25, 65, Bird has posted a photo of a watermelon hand with a tattoo of the name Nong Easter, the adopted daughter. Ready to tell the story that Bird will gather the courage to ask watermelon to be his girlfriend, revealing that “before I can say this word, I have to gather The inner energy can be… it’s my love. Thank you very much for accepting our words. Boy Scouts don’t shake his right hand. …because we’re not tigers I agree to be a cat haha ​​@melonp.official


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