“Help them!” … an urgent cry echoes through the valley.

Man drowning in water.

A man in a hurry swims to him and goes behind the drowning man to pull himself out.

At that moment, two other men swim up from both sides and work together to rescue her safely.

Sunday, the 4th, around 6:00 o’clock, a man who was swimming in the Wangpicheon Valley in Geunnam-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, fell into the water.

A group of people next to him tried to save him, but it was a dangerous situation.

At this time, three men appeared and rescued them.

The three men who rescued them are members of a free-diving club.

One was a freediving instructor, one was a trainee following an instructor training course, and the other was a member of the Coastguard.

[최재호/프리다이빙 강사]

“I had a pension on the side of the valley and I was eating dinner while grilling meat in the open air. It was a situation where there was a buzz on the waterfront, people shouting urgently, and then the owner of the pension ran to our table and asked for help.”

The club members immediately jumped into the water at the urgent request of the owner of the pension, and the man and his party who fell into the water managed to be rescued safely without any injuries.

[최재호/프리다이빙 강사]

″(The rescued person) must have been sitting for 20-30 minutes. Maybe it was because I was too distracting, so the people who came with me came down. Now you take care of him out of the water, and now you come up and say thank you as you leave. ”

Wangpicheon, which originates from Yeongyang in Gyeongsangbuk-do and passes through Uljin and flows into the East Sea, has a depth of about 5 meters depending on the place, and a human accident also occurred in 2015.

Club members said there was no hesitation in trying to save them, adding that they hoped more attention would be given to safety as anyone could be in danger while playing in the water in the summer.


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