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United Nations: The United Nations (UN) wants Muslim countries to help bring the Taliban from the 13th century into the 21st century. In every meeting with the leaders of the Taliban, they try their best to change their position against women and children in Afghanistan, said Amina Mohammed, former minister of Nigeria and currently Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations.

After the meetings held in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, a meeting was also held at the United Nations this week. In the meetings, the Taliban were asked to lift the ban on women working in national and international non-governmental organizations.

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He told them that he was a Sunni Muslim like the Taliban and that banning girls’ education beyond the sixth standard and taking away women’s rights was not in Islam and a disservice to the people. Their answer was that the rights will be gradually returned. But to the question of whether it will be restored, they only answer that immediately – he added.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan after US-NATO coalition forces withdrew in August 2021 after 20 years of war. No other country in the world has recognized the Taliban. Taliban demand international recognition and membership in the United Nations.

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Amina Muhammad had gone to Muslim majority countries such as Indonesia, Turkey and the Gulf countries to put pressure on them to lift the ban imposed by the Taliban.

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