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Hins Cheung (Hsuan Tsai) completed 26 “The Next 20 Hins Live in Hong Kong Concerts” at the Red Pavilion last night (29th). Is Xian Jingfeng (Archie) who regards him as an idol not being invited as a guest, causing dissatisfaction among the other fans? Xuan Zai said that they are free to express their opinions on the Internet. The fans’ point of view is very simple. They just want more exposure and opportunities for idols. He said, “I sent a text message to Archie, and he also told me that I hope that in the next few days, I will get more exposure and opportunities. The news will not affect me, and I also tell him to cheer up and do more good works for the audience to remember, it is more meaningful than being a guest, and there may be opportunities to cooperate in the future.”

In addition, when it comes to the establishment of dancer scholarships, Xuan Zai said that he will have many dancers in this concert. It is not easy for them to pursue their dreams, so he hopes to help young people who cannot afford to learn dance due to various reasons. He will select 7 first. The digital fund development plan will also call the boss Yang Sheng’s helper and organize charity fundraising, but the fund will definitely not be named after him.

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