Henry’s side, “Sorry for inaccurate expression on SNS, sorry for malicious comments related to school violence prevention ambassador and YouTube”

[RPM9 박동선기자] Artist Henry expressed his earnest desire to refrain from making misunderstandings about the numerous controversies surrounding him.

On the 21st, Monster Entertainment released a statement regarding Henry through the official channel.

The content contains Henry’s honest explanations of various misunderstandings and rumors about himself, including his recent confession through SNS, selection of a school violence prevention ambassador, and management of specific comments on YouTube.

First of all, in terms of SNS, I apologize for the fact that I posted the content earlier because I wanted to relieve my frustration while the expression itself was not refined and inaccurate due to my childhood in Canada and the fact that I focused only on music and traveled both domestically and internationally. is expressing

Next, the selection of the school bully prevention ambassador was accepted by Henry, who is with many publics, including youth gifted, considering a positive value. It is revealed that the contents of the content have been deleted inevitably, and there are parts that have been automatically filtered.

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A Monster Entertainment official said, “Henry is an artist who has only focused on the fields of music and art. He will not lose such value in the future, and we hope that you will watch it with warm eyes.”

(Hereinafter, the full text of Henry’s official position)

This is Monster Entertainment.

First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the fans who love and support Henry.
We are sorry for causing a lot of concern due to various misunderstandings and distorted rumors surrounding the artist recently, leading to reports that are not true. In this regard, I would like to ask you to give me a generous perspective and the circumstances.

Previously, Henry directly expressed his feelings through SNS, and we are sorry for causing confusion due to inaccurate notation and unrefined expression. The thought of clearing up the misunderstanding first came too far ahead of my frustration.

As is widely known, Henry was educated and raised in Canada as a child and devoted his entire life to music. Because of that, there are many unfamiliar and lacking areas. Still, he works all over the world and has been able to connect with his fans with one respect for all.

In particular, the fact that music has no barriers, connects them more closely, and spreads positive energy has a great meaning. The school violence prevention ambassador was also considered a very meaningful activity as a part of it. However, it is very sad and heavy for the unexpected misunderstanding and negative gaze in the process.

Incidentally, YouTube’s suspicion of managing certain comments is a very malicious distortion.
The official YouTube channel has a lot of content that young people watch, such as ‘Together Henry’, so creating a healthy atmosphere has been our top priority. Therefore, regardless of the subject matter, all comments that are harmful to minors, malicious comments, slander, or incitement to disturbance have inevitably been deleted and are also filtered by reports from subscribers. Rumors that are being spread after being captured by intentional stitching are not true at all.

As you have given us a lot of love, Henry is an artist who has only focused on the fields of music and art. He has put a lot of effort into giving more opportunities to children if there is an expanded field, and more closely, to music gifted people. He has been working with the value of life in having fun interacting with and sharing hearts with all people living at the same time, regardless of nationality.

We will not lose such values ​​in the future, and we hope that you will watch over us with warm eyes.
thank you.

Reporter Park Dong-seon ([email protected])

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