Heo Chan Victon, “I’m sorry for the social scandal” still drunk driving

Victon Heo Chan

Heo Chan, a member of the idol group Victon, who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, released a handwritten letter of apology.

On the 22nd, through the Victon fan cafe, Heo Chan said, “Once again, I apologize for causing a social scandal because of my wrong actions on the 20th. However, because of the wrong choice in the blink of an eye, I was disappointed. .”

He continued, “More than anything else, I want you to look back at me once more, thinking of my fans, members, company, and many staff who believed and supported me during the last six years, and many others that might have been. hurt by my lack of action. “I will live my life with a deep meditation in my heart to become a person who is not ashamed of all the accusations against irreversible actions.”

On the other hand, Heo Chan was caught driving under the influence by the police on the way home after meeting an acquaintance on the morning of the 20th. At the time, he was reported to be below the alcohol withdrawal level.

Reporter Jinyong Ahn

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