Hera Miss Grand Reviews, take a tour bus to Chiang Mai, suffer 21 hours, risk of death, car tire leak without a license

Hera, Miss Grand Nakhon Nayok 2022 review, going on a tour bus to Chiang Mai, tired 21 hours, driving around in Bangkok for 4 hours, risking death, flat tires. unlicensed car

TikTok user @hera_nachitaa Post a review clip of a bus trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Which took up to 21 hours, while waiting for the car to leave, there was a problem. Started getting a lot of stranded passengers. The long time is not because of the traffic jam. but caused by a problem with the tour bus She said that the situation at the moment is not very normal. The ticket is to be issued at 8:45 pm, but now it is 1 am, he is still in Bangkok. Drive back and forth, saying to pick up passengers.

And all the remaining passengers, around 300 people, had to move from the original platform to the other side. because of a broken car The driver has an argument, tell him to sympathize with him. Cause all night driving Not everyone is very well at the moment. Because really, at this time we should be somewhere else. But now it’s not going anywhere. We have to arrive in Chiang Mai at 5.45 am, which is now 1 am and we are still in Bangkok. If we come across an incident like this, what can we do? Who will be responsible?

The tour bus drove in Bangkok for 4 hours until the passengers in the bus became unbearable. and arguing with the tour bus driver along with trying to call the person who said to wait In the end, I couldn’t call. But the driver still didn’t get out of the car. And when the car was able to travel until around 11:00 am, there was a problem with the tyres. and the poster stated The car is not available. Air tires have been leaking for a long time. but still forced to drive We have to live with risks. In fact, we had to arrive in Chiang Mai since 5am. because there were passengers calling to complain This car was found not to have a licence.

He also described the chaotic situation in Bangkok, saying that there were actually two tour drivers, but the other could not withstand the pressure of the passengers. and unable to control your own emotions before leaving the car leaving only one driver

Ms Nachita Chanthana or Hera, 25 years old, Miss Grand Nakhon Nayok 2022 said the passenger He booked through the Bor Kor Sor website on the 27th, the price was 920 baht per person, arriving at the destination of Chiang Mai on December 28 at 5:00 pm There were more than 20 passengers in the car. the company’s management system As for the driver, she said she felt sympathy. After getting out of the car, she also bought water. Bought snacks and thanks for driving me to my destination safely.

To begin with, the shipment has already been received. He said he would stop driving this car and would investigate further. As for the company, there has been no contact yet to apologize or to compensate for anything.

Dr. Sanlak Panwattanalikit, President of The Transport Company Limited (Bor Kor Sor.) It revealed that according to TikTok, users shared a post complaining about the private car sharing service, stating, “Buy a bus ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It takes up to 21 hours to travel.” The above mentioned bus belongs to Thai Sriram Transport Co., Ltd., taking an additional route on the route Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Ban Thaton on December 27, 2022, traveling at 8:45 pm Before departure, readiness the bus and car driving staff

Having found the origin, there were 2 drivers as stated, but the car broke down on the road. So, the car was changed and one driver quit his duty. It is considered an offense against the regulations. Therefore, failure to comply with the conditions of the joint car contract and the Land Transport Act 1979 resulted in a fine of 10,000 baht and will consider not bringing additional buses. in the next festival If the passenger is damaged from the incident You can notify the Passenger Protection Centre, Transport Co., Ltd Telephone 0 2537 8443

The bus station apologizes for any inconvenience caused. And thanks for information from travelers who reported such incidents. in order to further develop and improve the shared car service, ready to direct all shared car operators to serve the public taking into account the benefits of passengers and was asked to strictly comply with laws and regulations in addition

If a traveler encounters a problem in their journey Can notify the Bor Kor Sor staff directly at the point of receiving the complaint. public relations area, 1st and 3rd floor, Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak), bus stations nationwide, Call Center 1490, call the bus station 24 hours a day, or file a complaint at the Public Passenger Protection Center (temporary) of the Department of Land Transport, Tel 1584

Land Transport Department by Tak Provincial Transport Office After receiving a complaint through hotline 1584, Tak province informed on December 28, 2022 at about 9:35 am, that it has booked a bus ticket from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) to travel to Chiang Mai. of Sriram Thai Transport Company By specifying the departure time at 8:45 pm, platform 30, the employee informed that The vehicle to travel is broken and cannot travel. So the company changed the new car. and departed from Mo Chit Bus Terminal at 10:30 pm and left the station around 1:00 am while traveling, the 1st driver was not physically ready, so he got out of the car and changed to the 2nd driver to drive instead

Hotline 1584 Tak Provincial Transport Office Was informed that the car had a flat tire, so he parked the tyre. by Tak Provincial Transport Office Organize a set of inspectors along with Ban Tak police officers to inspect the car in question Found an offense under the BE Land Transport Act

1. Using a vehicle for fixed route transport without permission is an offense under section 40. The licensee of a non-fixed route transport operation is prohibited from carrying transport of the same nature or similar to that of the licencee, fixed route transport or in the nature of competition with the fixed route transport operation licensee on the route on which the fixed route transport operation licensee has been granted Penalty Section 138. The fixed route transport operation licensee Any person who does not stay on the road that contravenes section 40 liable to a fine of 50,000 -200,000 baht.

2. GPS does not connect and the device is faulty or incorrect. (Windshield cracking) is incorrect in section 71. The vehicle used for transport must be in a strong and stable condition. has the correct equipment and components as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations, is registered under Section 73 and has paid tax under Section 85, and that the vehicle used for transport has already paid tax under this Act. Penalty Any person who uses a vehicle without complying with section 71 or who contravenes an order of an inspector or registrar under section 83 shall be liable to a fine not exceeding 50,000 baht.


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