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Here are the free PlayStation Plus games for October 2020

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It’s time for more free games for PlayStation Plus: October is approaching and with it all sorts of unrest throughout the video game industry. This month touches that up a bit with a vampire game, as well as a driving game that isn’t particularly creepy but is still perfectly fun. Here’s what’s going on:

Need For Speed: Payback: Described by PlayStation as a “four-wheeled action blockbuster”, this isn’t exactly a faithful driving simulation. It didn’t score that good on metacritic, coming in at 61%, but it should fit the bill for some mindless driving action.

Vampire: A third-person RPG from DontNod, Vampyr puts you in the shoes of a vampire turned doctor in London during the time of the Spanish flu. Combine some third-person combat with supernatural abilities and the branching dialogue asking you whether to save or feed the Londoners.

And that’s all: you still have time until October 6, when these will be published, to resume them Street Fighter V is PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

I’m a little curious about the future of PlayStation Plus free games in the short term, as things are changing after November. On the one hand, they are getting much more generous with the addition of the PlayStation Plus collection, which adds an impressive suite of PlayStation first party exclusives from the latest collection. What happens next, however, is a little less clear. Will Sony continue to release monthly free games, or will it cut things down a bit?

Microsoft, for example, basically let Xbox Games with Gold go to seed once Game Pass debuted. It’s not quite the same as Game Pass has both new games and is much larger than the PlayStation Plus collection, but it still looks instructive. Games with Gold still exists, after all, but that’s clearly not Microsoft’s goal.

We’ll see what happens when we discover next month’s games, which could be major titles to boost the excitement for PS5, or could be smaller if that’s no longer Sony’s goal. We will see soon, even if this month promises to be long.

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