‘Here’s how to manage your condition during the changing seasons’… Dong-A Pharmaceutical provides tips

Regularly maintain an adequate intake of micronutrients at bedtime

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On the 22nd, Dong-A Pharmaceutical introduced a way to correct the circadian rhythm and protect immunity during the changing seasons when it is not easy to control physical condition due to the large daily temperature difference.

According to Dong-A Pharmaceutical, the biological clock may malfunction due to a sudden change in daylight hours. Our body creates a biorhythm by alternating between waking and sleeping, and the switch that converts this system is light. Even when the eyes are closed, the optic nerve detects light and turns it into an excitation circuit. If you wake up earlier than usual, you will be tired.

In this case, you should keep a regular bedtime. You should go to bed 7-8 hours before you have to wake up. Do not use digital devices 30 minutes before going to bed. This is because the blue light from digital devices reduces the quality of sleep by inhibiting the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. Taking a shower or exercising just before bedtime can disrupt your sleep.

With a daily temperature difference of more than 10 degrees, our body uses a lot of energy to maintain homeostasis. On days when there is yellow dust or fine dust, the activity of immune cells is also reduced.

In this case, adequate nutrition is essential. In particular, if you have a habit of eating out or eating late at night with high fat and high carbohydrates, it is good to fill up on micronutrients. Micronutrients regulate cell functions and inhibit active oxygen activity in the body. Typically, vitamin C is an antiviral protein that promotes the production of interferon, which activates the body’s immune cells. Zinc, an essential nutrient for cell growth and immunity, and vitamin B6, involved in immunity and lipid metabolism, are also essential.

“Multivitamins are a way to efficiently supplement micronutrients,” said an official from Dong-A Pharmaceutical. There are 18 types of micronutrients in one bottle, such as CEK, zinc, selenium, and folic acid,” he explained.

“Orthomol Immune is a bi-complex formulation that has a high absorption rate in the body and focuses on normal immune function,” he said.

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