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Hero dog saves girl’s life jumps off a bridge to kill himself Why did you change your mind in the end?

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British rescue dogs Successfully saved the life of a desperate girl. From where she was about to jump off a suicide bridge The police did not help the negotiations. distressing situation but eventually changed his mind

On June 16, 2021, Ladbible revealed a heartfelt story from the Devon & Somerset County Rescue Service in England, about the heroism of a dog named Digby who became an amazing hero. After being able to save the life of a desperate woman who is about to decide to end her life. Change your mind and be safe in the end.

By the incident on June 16, the rescue team was informed that A young woman was jumping off a bridge in the Devon County area of ​​Exeter, and officials rushed to join the local police. to prepare for assistance

While the police were negotiating to persuade the young woman The situation became more tense and worrying. One rescue team came up with the idea to lead Digby. The dog in the care of the team, go check it out because it was used as a therapy dog. Help heal those who have been traumatized.

Hero dog saves suicidal girl

As soon as Digby arrived The young woman turned her face to look at it. and immediately smiled Digby’s mission began at that moment. The girl and Digby had an amazing interaction. While the officers were watching closely.

Later, when the woman was asked if Would you like to see Digby again next time? Her answer is It’s very nice to see you again. That meant that she had changed her mind and chose the path to continue living. So this mission was successful.

The girl was rescued and was taken to the hospital in the care of doctors. The authorities hope that she will recover soon, and of course, Digby is preparing to meet her for sure.

After the story was shared on social media, Digby and the staff received overwhelming acclaim from the crowd. They took each other to like and send hearts to them. along with expressing sentimental comments It’s the most impressive story.. Excellent, Digby.

Thank you for information from ladbible, Facebook Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

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