Hers reinforces sadness with new single “The Only Thing I Can Do (All I Can Do)”

HERS (Hers) An artist with a lot of musical talent. From the label What The Duck (What The Duck) consists of members: Ploy – Chonlada Thongbai (lead vocals), Jean – Nattawadee Patimaeteekorn (guitar) and Kik – Natchaya Tangon (Per rcussion) who used to leave popular songs like “Still Wait”, “Forgotten”, comes back with sadness again with a new single “The only thing you can do” which will reinforce the feeling of the breakup. Indeed, the only thing we can do after this is to understand and accept it. including telling the story honestly drawing listeners to clearly feel the sadness in every molecule in the song They also hoped that the song would help ease the feelings of everyone listening to it and those in the same situation as the song.


music video section “the only thing that can be done” is conveyed through a sad and lonely tone that sends emotions to the listener, giving the audience a full feeling of sadness. anyone who has heard and is in this situation This song will surely bring tears to your eyes.

Listen and watch the song’s music video. “All I Can Do” is available on YouTube and you can follow the movements of HERS artists at www.facebook.com/whattheduckmusic and https://m.facebook.com/officialhers.

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