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“He’s above Ruth,” a US magazine says, “Affirmation.” The numbers tell Shohei Ohtani’s awesomeness | Full-Count

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Hitting exceeds maize, throwing exceeds clements

Pitcher Shohei Ohtani is currently hitting 31 home runs and is running alone at the top of MLB home runs. By continuing to play dual wield, there have been voices like Babe Ruth, who recorded a total of 714 home runs, but finally Otani has begun to say that he is better. The US sports magazine “Sports Illustrated” reported that “Otani is not Babe Ruth. He is above Ruth.”

The magazine said that Otani would participate in the ball banquet in Denver on the 13th (14th Japan time) and the home run competition the day before, saying, “He is a star among the stars. It’s his time.” He pointed out that no player recorded 30 home runs and 10 starting pitches in the same season. Moreover, he is surprised that he has recorded this number in only 81 games. He also touched on the running base and pointed out that he was the first player in the history of the American League to record 31 home runs and 12 stolen bases by the All-Star Break.

Numerous numbers prove that he has an outstanding talent for throwing. According to the magazine, when he played in 347 games as a pitcher and batter, Otani’s slugging percentage was .552, surpassing Ruth’s .541. Furthermore, comparing pitcher Otani and Roger Clemens with a total of 354 wins, the results up to the first 24 games were Clemens’s 10 wins and 6 losses, ERA 4.23, 143 strikeouts, Otani 7 wins 4 losses, ERA 3.97, 149 It is said that he is striking out.

In addition, compared to Willie Mays, who remains in the history of the ball as a representative of players with a total of 660 home runs and three RBIs, the batting average in the first 332 games is 72 home runs, 218 RBIs and slugging percentage of .565. On the other hand, Otani also said that he was not inferior to 77 home runs, 213 RBIs and slugging percentage .552. “Otani throws like Clements and hits like Maze,” he said, giving the greatest compliment.

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