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The famous cinematographer Sunny Joseph wrote and directed for the first time Salt of the Earth, highlighting the goodness of God’s faith and the influence of religions, while illuminating the inner light of spirituality. Although it is a complex theme, the director has managed to present’ r message in a simple but touching way. Those close to us know that Sunny is a spiritual person at heart and that mentality is inherent in the film. The essence of the film is to explain how religion leads even the good-hearted people wrongly. Through the interaction between priests and religious students in a Christian ashram that trains monks, Sunny carefully depicts what n right and wrong God and Satan. The film depicts the nostalgic memories of a generation that thought that Christ and Communism were the same, and the time when Communism was common. The film is brought to life by the actress who played Sophie, a girl who comes to learn about those who have forgotten the feminine side of Christ’s path. Salt of the Earth is a film that tells us that human goodness is beyond all belief, the actors are Raghuthaman and Shailaja Ambu. Sunny, who gained worldwide attention as the cinematographer of Piravi, has entrusted the cinematography of his first film to Arjun, Souvik and Sunil. This is also the film written for the first time by the famous story writer Shihabuddin Poithukadav. The background score by Isaac Thomas Kotukappalli, who died prematurely, is one of the major strengths of the film Sun Moon Films and Trivandrum Institute of Photography. The film is also presented by Graphi. Yesterday, the first screening of this film was held in Thiruvananthapuram under the auspices of Banner Film Society.