Heung-Min Son’s instruction manual for maximizing organizational power?

His son Heung-min hugs Lee Kang-in, who was unable to compete after the evaluation match at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th. random news

The football team has completed a mock exam ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The scorecard is 1 win and 1 draw. The national team drew 2-2 with Costa Rica at the Goyang Sports Complex on the 23rd, and defeated Cameroon 1-0 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th.

Korea, Uruguay, Ghana and Portugal are in Group H of the Qatar World Cup. Costa Rica is the virtual Uruguay they will face at the Qatar World Cup, while Ghana is Cameroon. It wasn’t a loss, but it wasn’t satisfying. He often created scoring chances, but his goal decision was poor, and his defensive organization was often shaky. In particular, he was very dependent on Son Heung-min (Tottham Hotspur).

Heung-Min Son scored goals in both evaluation matches as if he was with the best in the world. Last season, the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL), he showed a keen sense of goal. He also gave his teammates chances and was active in defence. Heung-Min Son’s dedication and consideration is the engine of the national team.

It is a comfort to me to have Heung-min’s Son. However, the World Cup starts with a game entirely out of the group stage. In the group stage, in order to progress to the round of 16, we thoroughly analyze our competitors and formulate a winning strategy. After the round of 16, if you lose, you will be eliminated, so you will also pour all your energy and tactics. Therefore, the high dependence on Son Heung-min is considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. If Son Heung-min is tied, it will be a fatal blow to the implementation of the team’s tactical strategy, and it is expected that the rival will focus on Son Heung-min’s obstacle. The leading scorer and key player is clearly a dangerous weapon, but they are a target for concentrated defense.

To properly achieve Son Heung-Min’s effect, plans B and C using Heung-Min Son are needed. It is desirable to use Son Heung-min’s defensive rush and develop various offensive tactics and scoring routes.

Heung-Min Son is very clever, especially selfless. He knows better than anyone what moves will confuse the defense, and he is never greedy. Therefore, it is a reliable claim that receives love and respect. And football is a team sport. Heung-Min Son can’t play drums and even janggu by himself. Only 11 people have to move organically to maximize the effectiveness of the tactical strategy that Son Heung-min uses and uses against him.

Son Heung-min expressed his regret towards his junior Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) who could not participate in the two evaluation matches after beating Cameroon, saying, “But the national team is not only for Kang In .” It means emphasizing the national team of each member rather than a specific person. Similarly, the national team is not allowed only for Son Heung-min.

There is still time until the first leg of the Qatar World Cup (November 24). If the ‘Heung-Min Son User Manual’ is completed, the power of the national team will be further upgraded and it is expected that the goal of advancing to the semi-finals will be achieved. This is a task that coach Paulo Bento has to solve.

Senior Reporter Lee Jun-ho

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