Hey loudly, Uncle Thon, a forest seller, won the lottery for the 1st prize, received 12 million, gave away all the items that were sold out of the car.

“Uncle Thon”, a forest seller, is rich and gets full cheap. First prize, receives 12 million baht before giving away free items that are brought in to sell the whole car.

After the Government Lottery Office Announcing the results of the award The draw for June 16, 2022, with the 1st prize being 361807, the last 2 digits prize are 92, the 3 front digits are 549 and 285, while the last 3 digits are 228 106, as has already been reported.

This afternoon (June 16) at Mae Kuang Market, San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province, vendors, including villagers who come to buy products. Congratulations to Uncle Thon, a forest merchant. Which won the 1st prize, number 361807, received a prize money of 12 million baht

Meanwhile, Lung Thon was very happy, announcing the distribution of the goods that were brought in and sold the car to everyone in the market. causing the villagers to flock to rejoice and bring things home with joy on both sides

By Facebook user Pat Kotchakorn posted a picture and message stating that “the atmosphere at Mae Kuang market today Uncle Thon, a forest seller, took it for 12 million. Give away all the items that were sold. The car went away. #Congratulations.


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