Hey! say! JUMP Nakajima Yuxiang infected with the new crown, the rest of the members tested negative jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn On September 22, according to Japanese media reports, Yuxiang Nakajima, a member of the boy group Hey! Say! JUMP, was infected with the new crown, and the rest of the members tested negative.

Lyrics meaning: Yuxiang Nakajima

Johnny & Associates announced on the 22nd that Hey!Say!JUMP Nakajima Yuxiang has been infected with the new crown and has now suspended activities for training. It is reported that he started having symptoms of throat discomfort and fever on the night of the 19th, and was confirmed to be positive on the 20th after carrying out a PCR test. After Yuxiang Nakajima was diagnosed, other members of Hey! Say! JUMP PCR tests too, and the results were all negative.

Currently, Nakajima Yuxiang is shooting his new drama, and will stop filming due to the new crown diagnosis.

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