Hey, the whole building! Channel 3 is proud of Rak Kaew. Strong score. The more it shines, the more bang it is!!

The more intense the shine It’s like a play by the organizer P’Chod Saithip for taproot The work produced through the first 3 screens of the 2018 change can be seen from the increasing drama ratings each episode. According to the fun and spicy of the story, the top looks fresh, it’s just as great. The latest ratings of episode 4 aired on 2-11-2022, with a strong rating of 2.2, while the number of live views in 3plus reached 105.9k This work goes without saying. Channel 3 fans rejoice Let’s watch it. It’s a great show. It’s great fun.

An example comment is

The drama was more fun, the scenes jumped on both channels.
The score is up Follow today,

The play is very fun, tasty, no fat.
Congratulations 3+ on reaching 100K,

The more you look, the more interesting to follow,

This guy makes a really fun drama. Follow all stories. By the way, who is the main character? At first I was rooting for Louise, but now I’m rooting for Peach instead, etc.


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