Hi-so carry posted pictures of Aum Phatcharapa riding the back of the suite. Plus quickly wish a birthday

Come to bless very quickly. For young nobility Carry the President of Wong Phornprapha Because when the birthday of the heroine’s soup ‘star girl Aum Patcharapa Chaiyachua In the late morning, on the morning of December 5, 2020, the past Hiso Carry posted a picture and wishes a birthday quickly Add a sweet picture that makes the fans feel very excited.

Aum-Pak Thank you picture from Aum.  @pokphornprapha
Aum-Pak Thank you picture from Aum. @pokphornprapha

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By Hiso Pak posted pictures with Aum Including a picture of Aum riding on the back and a picture hugging his waist and writing a sweet greeting message But ended up in a hilarious way saying “Happy Birthday. Fat legs. Today, fat has grown into a woman. This year’s birthday, I wish you fat to be successful in every area (including exercise that has just begun to come 3 days). I wish you success with everything you want. This year’s birthday, I’ll be able to buy #Aum_patchrapa as a birthday present, fat will get # beautiful with Aurum forever

This event made people in the entertainment industry leave a lot of comments to admire the love of the couple, including fans who commented on the pillow. The owner of the birthday girl Aum replied, “Thank you. Don’t forget to apply Aurum before leaving the house”.

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