“Hi-So Lily” recorded a crying clip, begging “Erk” to return 34 million.

of the case on December 6, the past Lily Wanmani Ponsavan actress, singer Vietnamese descent, Lao nationality, filed a complaint with the Ministry of Justice that “Erk Lederer” Former singer and actor Fraud wasted a lot of money. Now fleeing arrest warrant to live in Germany Ask the Thai authorities to coordinate with Interpol to speed up the process of issuing red notices to seek punishment.

There are almost 100 victims in this case, the value of the damage is over 500 million baht. The victims are divided into 2 groups: the first group is about 40 victims in 2018, the value of the damage is over 200 million baht, and’ the second group is There are about 50 victims during the year 2020-2022, the value of the damage is about 300-400 million baht. In the process of collecting the number of additional victims.

While on January 24, the past Erg Lederer Returning to social media, recording a clip via IG and revealing the missing case, stating that it has been missing for two months. Death threats due to business matters, fraud, betrayal and slander from some business partners during Erk’s absence over the past two months. Including being betrayed by someone we once loved.

Thanks Lily for listening. and ready to be next to you again Including thanks to the many partners that Erk has contacted for some time, who are ready to support Erk as usual. As for some people Erg hasn’t contacted yet, wait. They connect gradually. But some people may not want to talk to you. due to damage Caused many people to hate Urg and misunderstand Urg.

But most recently, yesterday (February 1), Hi-So Lily Wanmanee Ponsavan recorded a clip on IG. Weeping for Erg Lederer, if he sympathizes with us, return the money Lily, love and respect, believe in Erk. So let Erk borrow money. And he gave money with his heart. All in cash, 34 million baht.

I want to ask Er if he remembers when he came for help last time. Speaking of the watch, that model is good, this car is good, if it sells, I will return the money to Lily. To which Lily replied I have nothing left. He gave everything to Erg. no more cash He only has real estate that can’t be sold If it can be sold, it can help Erk. Erg then borrowed the condo, took it as guarantor, and took out an informal loan. Save Erg for the last time. And it will repay Lily to be famous, learn business, want everything. Lily believes and Erg introduces a loan shark to Lilly. for Lily to borrow money when money comes Lily gave Erg 10 million baht.

What he said today, 34 million baht, he understood that he made a mistake. Even if it is a lot of money but for the condo He still had to pay more money. I’m tired I want Erg to sympathize with me. where Lily borrowed outside the system Having to pay interest on 280,000 baht per month. But Erg went back and said that his girlfriend was cheating like that.

Why did he have to pay 10 million to Erg? He can’t pay interest and will come and take over my room. The room I promised to give money to my brother I don’t have his money back. Because I said You will return all my money in December. So I believe you. Take this condo to borrow money from outside the system.

He had to pay another 10 million? 34 million not enough? Now he has nothing left. And you have to sit and listen to Erg Wen Hue with your ex? He has given a chance to make amends. But Erg still ignores his girlfriend. Not talking about the money Lily took.

“I’m not talking about investors who come to invest. But to talk about your husband, brother, wife, for what? The main issue is that you are deceiving my money. Why did you change the subject? Will you be using it again? Clear your mind first I have no place to sleep because of you. All my cash is because of you.

I have to sell everything Sell brand name bags, sell cars, sell everything, so you can roll your eyes and talk about your ex-husband cheating? If you’re not kidding, come back and fix the problem. If sincere Why bother with others? The erg said that all the partners are gathering to forgive. But is your partner about them?

Lily tried to push herself to be an actress, a singer, but someone called. he came to ask if Lily accepts a job to eat. He wasn’t pushing himself to sell himself. He didn’t want a job to eat. But how did the erg get to this point? Erg had to sympathize with him. A woman’s story I took it later take my story first I can only meditate and pray every day. and he said it was fine.” Lily cried as she said in the clip.

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