HIDDEN.NY teams up with NEEDLES to release the latest joint capsule series Pt. 2

HIDDEN.NY, which started from a fashion archive account and has been developing day by day, has teamed up with Japanese clothing brand NEEDLES to launch a joint riding apparel in April This time, it will reunite before the end 2022 and jointly release the joint ride capsule series Part 2, blending military uniforms Style and Japanese heritage elements, such as a relaxed fit olive green shirt and matching nylon drawstring trousers, mohair cardigan, socks decorated with the “h” logo and the iconic NEEDLES butterfly pattern, etc. Invited KOM_I, former lead singer of the band “Wednesday Campanella” (Wednesday Campanella) to appear on camera to take image photos.

The series will first be released to Hidden members along with other new products at 12:00 am Eastern Time on November 25th, North America, and then will be launched on the Hidden website at 3:00 pm, and will be on available on NEEDLES at 11:00 am Japan Standard Time on November 26. If you are interested Readers may want to scroll down to learn more.

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