‘Hidden on the terrace of the nearby building and took pictures of me’; Alia shares her experience

Alia Bhatt Instagram Story / Alia Bhatt | Photo: Instagram/ Alia Bhatt

VeeBollywood actress Alia Bhatt against the paparazzi who took her picture without permission. In her Instagram story, Alia wrote that two people took her photo from the terrace of a nearby house and that it was an invasion of privacy. The actor’s story tagged the Mumbai police.

‘I was in my house. A completely normal day. I was sitting in the living room. I felt like someone was watching me. Looking, he saw two people with a camera on the terrace of the nearby building. In what world is this allowed? It is an invasion of someone’s privacy. There are boundaries that should not be crossed.’ Alia wrote along with the photo taken by the paparazzi.

After this, other stars also came to support Alia. Anushka Sharma, Arjun Kapoor, Janhvi, Sushmita Sen and many other celebrities and fans came out to support Alia. Anushka said that paparazzi have done such things before and she has also experienced it. Sushmita’s response was that privacy has become a myth.

Mumbai police asked Alia to file a complaint. Alia explained that her PR team is communicating with the online portal that took the photos and will file a complaint after that.