Hiddink set out to find a Korean couple who lost their camera in Phuket 10 years ago

Former national football coach Hiddink. photo = Yonhap News

Former national football coach Hiddink is looking for a Korean couple who are believed to have lost their Samsung camera in Thailand 10 years ago. It was because a Dutch couple who picked up the camera at the time asked Hiddink to find the owner of the camera for him.

According to the Gus Hiddink Foundation on the 3rd, former director Hiddink recently received a letter from a man named Klas Westerhouse. The letter contained the content that he wanted to find the owner of a Samsung camera that his wife picked up at a shopping mall near Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand.

According to the foundation, Klass put off the photo the couple took at Incheon International Airport on the camera, and after guessing that the owner of the camera was the Korean couple in the photo, delivered the photo to the foundation. Ex-director Hiddink, who checked the photos, found pictures of hanbok on the camera and was convinced that they were Koreans. Afterwards, former director Hiddink suggested to the foundation, “Let’s find the owner.”

The camera is said to be a model released by Samsung Electronics in 2009. The exact model name is VLUU WB500. The camera, which Klas’ wife picked up in Thailand 10 years ago, contained about 500 photos of the Korean couple before their wedding preparations, on the day of their wedding, and on their honeymoon.

Shin Hyun-ah, reporter at [email protected]

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