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The expectation that the new iPhone will be released in September this year, as usual, is credible due to reports that Apple suppliers such as Foxconn, which has a factory in China, are struggling to attract factory workers. It’s getting stronger. However, the shortage of semiconductors has not improved at all, and Apple executives have said that it will affect the production of iPhones and iPads in the future, so it may be difficult to make reservations and obtain them immediately after the release.

High-end Mac mini coming within a few months? Is the iPad mini coming soon? We will send you the latest Apple rumors together.

Mac mini

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who is familiar with Apple’s inside information, outlines the roadmap outlook for Apple silicon-powered Macs to be announced by the end of 2022. Among them, the new MacBook Pro with “M1X” processor will be released “in the coming months”, and “immediately afterwards” high-end Mac mini will also appear.

The plan to “migrate all Mac-based processors to proprietary Apple silicon over the next two years” was announced at the developer conference WWDC in June 2020. According to Gurman, that goal is “barely achieved” by November 2022. Strictly speaking, it will be 2 years and 5 months, but it seems that it will fit in the category of “about 2 years” as Apple calls it.

A few days after the Bloomberg report, it was reported that a device that looked like a new MacBook Pro was registered in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC) database.

EEC is the executive body of the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and pre-registration of products is required when selling devices with encryption function in these countries. In other words, due to legal arrangements, Apple’s secrecy could not be protected, and new iPhones etc. were announced shortly after registration in the past.

In addition, unreleased Apple Watch-like product registrations have been found in the EEC database, suggesting that Apple’s new products are being prepared for launch one after another. The next iPad mini is also expected to be released in the fall of this year, but it seems that users should think about “which product should be prioritized for purchase”.



It is reported that the expensive “titanium case” of Apple Watch Series 6 is no longer available for delivery and over-the-counter receipt in the United States and other major regions.

This is also pointed out by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who reported rumors about the upcoming MacBook Pro mentioned above. In other words, while the next Apple Watch Series 7 (provisional) is expected to be released in September, the reason why the titanium model is running out in this next period is because it is expensive, “I expect that it will not sell well and make only a small amount. I guess it’s because. Furthermore, it is suggested that Titanium Edition may disappear in Series 7.

Apple is thoroughly adjusting the production volume according to the sales situation, and it is rumored that the iPhone 12 mini was also discontinued in June due to sluggish sales. Although not officially stated, CEO Cook said the iPhone 12 Pro model was “especially strong” in the third quarter earnings announcement at the end of July, but made no mention of the mini model.

By the way, Apple Watch Series 7 is a miniaturized SoC equipped with a large capacity battery, and while the design is renewed, the theory that new health sensors such as blood glucose measurement and thermometer will not be adopted is predominant. But if it looks good and the battery lasts long enough that you don’t have to charge it for more than a day, it’s likely to be attractive enough without any particularly innovative features.

iPad mini

Various sources support the possibility that the next iPad mini will be announced soon, but the question is “what will happen to the screen size?” It’s rumored that Apple took a survey of Chinese iPad mini 4 users asking if the screen size was too large or just right.

The first questionnaire item is “What do you think about the screen size of the iPad mini 4?” The current model is the 5th generation, but the screen size of the iPad mini series is consistently 7.9 inches from the first model released in 2012, and if there is a change, it will be the “greatest innovation”.

Summarizing the rumors so far, the next iPad mini has a narrow bezel around the screen, and by eliminating the home button from the front (Touch ID is integrated with the side power button), the main body size remains unchanged and the screen size is wide The expected figure is drawn.

Also, I’m curious about what the question items are, “What are you doing with the iPad mini in portrait and landscape orientation?”

Like the latest iPad Air and iPad Pro, the next iPad mini will be equipped with a magnetic Smart Connector, that is, there is a possibility that a dedicated external keyboard will also be available. Until now, the genuine Magic Keyboard was limited to horizontal installation, but maybe you can expect to release genuine accessories that can be installed vertically.

iPhone Notch

Notches (cutouts at the top of the screen) have been established since the iPhone X in 2017, but since this area is “essential for placing selfie cameras and TrueDepth cameras for face recognition”, it can not be easily eliminated. It seems. However, it is not popular with everyone, and Apple has applied for a patent related to punch holes (place a selfie camera etc. at the bottom of the screen and make a hole in the display to secure visibility) that denies the notch. I have also done it.

Meanwhile, it became clear that Apple has obtained a new patent for a mechanism that “moves a part of the display to show or hide the front camera and other optics.”

This patent provides a movable “window” area in a part of the display, and opens the “window” only when performing a selfie camera or face recognition so that light and infrared rays can come and go from the outside. Normally, the “window” is closed and it behaves as a full-screen display with no missing parts.

Aside from these practical applications, it is a clue that Apple may be considering “hiding or eliminating the notch.” I’d like to wait for a follow-up report on whether the 2022 iPhone 14 Pro (provisional) will adopt punch holes as rumored.

icloud photo scan


The introduction of child abuse countermeasures in the next iOS 15 etc. announced on the weekend has caused fierce controversy in various fields, as photos stored in iCloud can be scanned and reported to the authorities.

A memo was distributed to Apple’s internal team in the midst of that, recognizing that “some people are misunderstanding” and “I will explain the details of the function” so that it can be understood in the future. It is a rumor that it has been done.

According to Apple executive Sebastian Marinault Metz, these features are needed to “protect children,” even though some people find that they are misunderstood and “not a little worried about their consequences.” At the same time, it “maintains a deep commitment to user privacy.”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney also accused iCloud image scanning of child abuse measures, “I tried to look at it from Apple’s point of view, but it’s government spyware installed by Apple based on presumed guilt.” doing. As I’ve often said, Epic is in a proceeding with Apple over App Store fees.

But Sweeney claims that “its function is to scan personal data and report it to the government,” Apple explains, “iCloud image hashes match CSAM (child sexual abuse) image database hashes.” This is in conflict with “Check if you want to, and check manually only if they match” or “Applies only to iCloud images, not images stored locally on your device”.

In any case, Apple should provide more detailed explanations in the future. I would like to wait for experts to consider it and develop detailed discussions. .


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