High-level mock exam with Bentuho Brazil… Son Heung-min vs Neymar Big Bang

June 2nd FIFA Ranking No. 1 Brazil against Qatar WC Qualification Competitiveness Test

English Premier League (EPL) ‘scorer’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and ‘superstar’ Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) will face off in a ‘world-class goalkeeper’ match at Sangambeol.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Paulo Bento, will face ‘the world’s strongest’ Brazil at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8 pm on the 2nd.

The match against Brazil, which is ranked No. 1 in FIFA (Korea 29th) and the most winners of the World Cup (5 times), is a game that soccer fans cannot miss.

In addition, Son Heung-min, who scored 23 goals in the EPL, and Brazil’s ‘ace’ Neymar, are expected to face off for the second time in 9 years.

Bentuho, Brazil and high-level mock exams…  Son Heung-min vs Neymar 'Big Bang'

◇ Heung-Min Son vs Neymar… Two big ‘world class’ meet after 9 years
Heung-Min Son and Neymar met for the first time in an evaluation match between Korea and Brazil at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in October 2013.

Neymar, who was the starting pitcher, scored a free-kick and took the lead in Brazil’s 2-0 victory, and Son Heung-min came in as a substitute in the second half, but was unable to raise an attacking point.

In November 2019, Korea and Brazil also played an evaluation match (Korea 0-3 loss) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Heung-Min Son started the match, but the match was canceled because Neymar could not play the game due to an injury.

The two players have grown tremendously in the nine years since their first meeting.

Bentuho, Brazil and high-level mock exams…  Son Heung-min vs Neymar 'Big Bang'

Neymar, who had his European debut season in FC Barcelona (Spain) at the time, exploded 22 goals in the regular league in the second season alone and emerged as a global star.

Neymar scored 13 goals in the 2021-2022 season in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France) while missing for a long time due to an ankle injury.

Son Heung-min, who scored 10 goals in the regular league in Leverkusen (Germany) in the 2013-2014 season, was now recognized as the best goal scorer in the EPL, which is considered the best professional football league.

Son Heung-min said, “Nymar is the best player in the world.

I’m trying to be the best in the world,” he said, but he’s not behind Neymar in terms of his current skills or records.

Bentuho, Brazil and high-level mock exams…  Son Heung-min vs Neymar 'Big Bang'

◇ Brazil with no gaps… ‘Ultra-high difficulty mock test’ to judge the competitiveness of the Bentuho finals
Heung-Min Son has a ‘sword’, but in terms of overall team strength, the reality is that Korea is ‘absolutely inferior’ to Brazil.

In Brazil, besides Neymar, he plays in big European leagues such as Hisharlisson (Everton), Gabrieu Jejus (Manchester City), Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid), Fabinho (Liverpool), and Chiago Silva (Chelsea). Star players abound.

From the goalkeeper to the front-line striker, he has such a strong power that it is difficult to find any gaps.

The Brazil match is the first step in the process of refining Bentuho into a competitive team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals.

Bentuho, Brazil and high-level mock exams…  Son Heung-min vs Neymar 'Big Bang'

That’s why it’s more important to learn and gain from the fight against the strongest team than to be obsessed with winning.

It is expected that the attack power of the Bentu, which easily passed the Asian final qualifier through the match against Brazil, will be able to pass the final round.

Bentuho needs to fine-tune the task of scoring goals with promised plays.

In addition, we need to find a way to maximize Son Heung-min’s destructive power.

Brazil has the highest level of ‘technical’ such as Neymar and Hapinha at the forefront.

How well the Bentuho defense can respond to them is also an important point to watch.

Bentuho, Brazil and high-level mock exams…  Son Heung-min vs Neymar 'Big Bang'

Football commentator Han Jun-hee said, “Brazilian coach Chichi is a style that plays ‘solid football’ rather than typical South American attack football. I was put to the test,” he said.

He added, “The game against Brazil will be a valuable opportunity to examine our capabilities against a world-class powerhouse.”

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