‘High School Mom 2’ first appeared as a middle school mom… “Your brother and your oldest son are the same age”

‘High School Dad 2’

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Hyo-min Kang, ‘middle school mom’, who first appeared in MBN’s ‘High Schooling Mom 2’ (hereafter ‘High School Dad 2’), revealed a family tree beyond imagination, giving 3MC a culture shock.

In the 11th episode of ‘High School Dad 2’, broadcast on the 16th, Kang Hyo-min, a ‘middle school mother’ who gave birth to her first child at the age of 16, revealed the life of a big girl. a family of six, while the first son, Jin-seok Kang and his youngest brother, Geon-yul Baek, opened the door and shocks everyone when he announces that they are the same age.

Kang Hyo-min, who is currently raising four children, visits her parents’ home with her first child, Jin-seok. After arriving at his parents’ house, Jin-seok runs into someone saying “uncle”, and that is Baek Geon-yul, Kang Hyo-min’s youngest brother and Kang Jin-seok’s ‘uncle’. My uncle and nephew are ten years old, and are in the 3rd grade of elementary school. In the family tree beyond imagination, Park Mi-sun is surprised, saying, “Your uncle and nephew, are they really the same age?”, Haha can’t help but laugh at uncle and nephew ’10-year-old’ who enjoys playing mobile phone games, saying, “It’s a complete sitcom.” .

Indeed, Kang Jin-seok takes care of his three younger brothers at home and takes care of the formula, while showing a proud ‘first’ appearance, while Baek Geon-yul enjoys the privilege of being the ‘youngest’ which is not. be disparaged even if he plays mobile games at will, leading an ‘extreme’ life In response, Kang Jin-seok envies his uncle, “How does it feel to be the youngest?” Baek Geon-yul brags, “My mother never smothers me even when I play.” In the end, Kang Jin-seok reveals his pitiful eyes, saying, “I don’t like it because I live first.

After everyone has eaten together, the mother asks her daughter, “Are you on good terms with your husband?” Kang Hyo-min hesitated for a moment, saying, “We get along well at night,” and her mother-in-law said, “Do you have a fifth thought?” Kang Jin-seok, who carefully listened to his grandmother and mother, continued to make a serious expression, but after hearing his mother’s answer, he finally shook his head and became frustrated. Psychological counselor Park Sang-hee, who watched the daily life and conversations of Kang Hyo-min’s family, pointed out that “Jin-seok has a dark face,” and he warmly points out and gives advice on the psychological changes that the first child makes. go through

The troubled life of Hyo-min Kang, the first ‘middle school mom’, and the daily life of Kang Hyo-min’s family, which is a family of six, can be seen in the 11th episode of MBN’s ‘High Schooling Mom 2’. ‘, which will be broadcast at 10:20pm on the 16th.

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